Traveling To Bogota – A City Of Contrasts

by erin on December 30, 2010

Bogota has constantly been equated to New York City, and many will tell you that it is the New York City of South America. It’s for this reason that people from all over the world decide to vacation in Bogota. In this city, you will find plenty of historical, cultural, and interesting places and attractions, making it a good candidate for a vacation. A USA passport is necessary if you are thinking of heading to Bogota, but you can get yours online.

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La Candelaria is the best place to start your exploring in Bogota. This is considered the “Old Town” district of Bogota, and it features some of the most popular attractions in the entire city. Baroque and Spanish colonial buildings dominate the streets, giving you an idea of what it looked like at that period. Luis Angel Arango Library is a stop you cannot miss. It is a huge library that contains 1.1 million books. It is the most visited public library in all of Latin America, and it features a cafeteria, a concert hall, museums, and exposition areas. The Gold Museum is another very interesting spot, featuring Spanish gold art, as well as stone and other objects from around that time.

Monserrate is one of the most popular places to visit in Bogota. It is located on the top of a mountain, making it visible from really any point in the city, and you can reach it either by taking a tram, a funicular, or by actually climbing the mountain. This church is a very important place for pilgrims, who climb the mountain in order to complete their pilgrimage. Besides the church, there is a cafeteria, souvenir shops, and other tourist attractions. This spot also offers the best view of the city, and it is even better for watching a sunset from.

If you are trying to figure out a time to travel to Bogota, consider going in early August. This is the time when the Carnaval de Bogota is taking place, which is a yearly celebration in commemoration of Bogota being founded. All different people from regions of Colombia come to participate, and each brings their unique cultural signatures with them, such as food, dance, music, and activities. If you are looking to buy some authentic Colombian souvenirs, head to Expoartesanias. You can find Afro-Colombian handmade items here, made out of cloth, stone, silver, gold, and ceramic.

You are bound to come across so many different representations of culture during your stay in Bogota. When the big city sort of atmosphere combines with the rich cultural feel of this city, it results in a place that keeps you interested. Remember that in order to travel to Bogota, you will need a passport. Passports can be bought online, as can passport renewal service and passport replacements should you need to utilize these services.

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