Border Trips Are A Great Reason To Get An Expedited US Passport Card

by adam on February 24, 2010

While passport documentation is required for the crossing of all borders now, an actual passport is not actually needed. When heading to places such as Mexico and Canada or some cruises, an expedited American passport card will more than do the trick. Anyone thinking that they are short on time and that the trip is at risk can rest easy because there is a solution.

The traveler who truly travels the world will still need a regular passport, but someone who merely visits the Caribbean, Mexico and Canada does not need an actual passport. For this type of trip, the passport card is perfectly acceptable. It is very similar in appearance to a license, except it is issued by the State Department and can be substituted for a passport for certain destinations.

A passport card can be obtained in the same manner as a passport. All of the forms are the same as is the entire process. An added benefit if getting a passport card is that it is also much less expensive than a regular passport. A quick Internet search will show the post office or other agency where they can be obtained.

The card itself does have restrictions on it. It was made in place of a passport for areas that had never really required passport documentation from the United States before. Also, it cannot be used for air travel at all. This card is meant for cruise traveler and actual border crossings to places like Mexico. Now, instead of only needed a valid driver’s license, the passport card serves as the official accepted ID.

A passport card makes use of some of the most advanced technologies out there today in regards to protecting ones identity. Both electronic coding and art laser engraving are used to make sure that the document cannot be counterfeited. It almost seems as though the technology on the cards gets better and more secure every year.

When an applicant is ready to apply for a passport card, they will follow the same exact guidelines that are in place for a passport. A passport photo, valid government issued ID and proof of citizenship is required for the application to be passed through. The fee, however, is much less and there is also a small discount offered to those that want to get both a passport and a passport card.

When turning in all of the documentation and paperwork, make sure that everything is an original. It is also a safe bet to make additional copies of all of the forms of ID for your own records. If using a mail in service, it is always best to use a major carrier and use the overnight mailing. This ensures delivery and is much more secure than randomly mailing out the documents.

The expedited passport can be a great benefit to those that live near a country’s border and have the need to regularly cross to the other side. Whether the need is for business or pleasure, this is a much more convenient method than regular a new passport and much easier to carry. There are many issuing agents that may be located online and all are waiting to serve you.

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