Brother DCP 7040 – An Amazing Addition To Your Home Office

by garrett on April 14, 2009

The Brother DCP-7040 Printer is a complete all-in-one laser printer that can be a good choice for the home office environment. It can hold a goodly amount of paper, and that can also be regulated when circumstances demand. This unit also comes in at less than 200 dollars, making it a good option for a small office or home office owner who needs a machine that can print, scan and copy documents and not cost a lot of money. For the best possible prints be sure to keep a healthy supply of Brother DCP 7040 Toner!

Somebody who needs a variety tasks to be filled but doesn’t want to clutter his office with three different machines will find the DCP-7040 to be a perfect addition to the office. It’s a laser printer, so it can handle all types of print jobs and tasks with relative ease. Add in the fact that it can actually be networked, and you’ve got a winner here. It also comes with the standard 1 year warranty, which is typical in units at this price level. There are numerous in-store or company service agreements available which can extend coverage out for some time. This is an additional fee, but may be worth it.

The DCP-7040 is able to hold up to 250 sheets of paper in a single feeder tray, plus there’s a single-sheet manual bypass input slot for envelope, label and other media print tasks. There’s no ability to increase paper capacity, but that’s really not a concern with all-in-one units, for the most part. What’s important is that it can also be used as a copier independent of any PC or Mac computer.

As far as capability and nimbleness goes, this Brother product is a top-hand at handling most any print job. This is especially so when it’s hooked up to a computer. The standard interface is the now-common USB 2.0, which makes it an ideal accessory to that same computer, and very easy to hook up. For a home office or small office entrepreneur, USB helps eliminate the need for a specialist to come in and get things running.

When it’s used in printer mode, the DCP-7040 can print pages at up to 23 black and white pages per minute. This is an excellent output for a machine costing well under 200 dollars in most shops and stores. As always, output speed can be greater or lesser, depending on the complexity and richness of data in the print job that’s been selected. It also comes with a more-than-adequate 10,000 page per month duty cycle. This can help hold down scheduled maintenance intervals.

This all-in-one machine has up to 2400 by 600 dots per inch of print resolution. Each document will come out clear and extremely readable, which is what’s most important. Additionally, it can copy at 23 ppm in black and white. It reduces down to 25% and can enlarge up to 400%, making it a very versatile copy machine. Its 16MB memory should be adequate for the needs of a home office or small office entrepreneur.

The DCP-7040 can operate using either Windows or Mac OS platforms. This allows it to do both black and white, and color-scanning at up to 600 by 2400 dpi optical scan resolution. It comes with document and OCR software packages, adding even more to its versatility. That it comes in a surprisingly compact package is even more impressive.

The Brother DCP-7040 Toner cartridge yields around 1,500 pages of print output before needing replacement. This is right in the ballpark as far as what the typical home office might need. Recommended maximum monthly print output runs around 2,500 or so documents before requiring regular and normal maintenance. Additionally, you can purchase for just a bit more money a high-capacity toner unit that puts out about 2,600 pages. The cartridge itself performs all its printing and copying duties with grace and aplomb and little or no quality control issues. Taken together, both the Brother DCP-7040 toner unit and the DCP-7040 printer unit make a fine team. For more information, be sure to check out our site at

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