Brother HL 1250 Printer – Productivity You Can Depend On

by garrett on September 25, 2009

If you want a printer that will stand the test of time then the Brother HL 1250 printer is just what you have been looking for. This printer comes fully equipped with everything you will ever need to produce quick and crystal clear prints time and time again with the quality Brother HL 1250 toner.

The resolution of the printer is set at a clarity of 1200 x 600 dpi. The print speeds are at 12 pages per minute. This printer’s speed along with its incredible crystal clear prints is great for the home, your home office, or moderate capacity work surrounding.

The printer is highly compatible with Windows operating systems, iBook, Mac and the brand new G3 Macintosh. It comes well equipped with the necessary parallel USB ports so you can plug it directly to your computer and get started using it immediately.

The HL 1250 is powered by a 66 MHZ image processing engine, it will truly enhance your business text as well as provide eye popping graphics. A lot of people have been able to utilize this amazing printer as a means to start their own home-based businesses.

This Brother printer has two different paper cassettes that are fully adjustable to your printing needs. This printer can hammer out nicely high workloads at a stunning rate. It has the ability to print in 61 different fonts with superior clarity with the Brother HL 1250 toner, as well as allows you to choose different design options for your pages.

You can print anything that your heart desires while utilizing this printer. Many people enjoy printing out professional appearing documents, transparencies, labels, executive stationary, envelopes and heavy stock card that comes in many different sizes. This is the only printer that you will ever need for all of your printing demands.

You have the option to utilize the face up tray that can hold up to 50 sheets of paper at one time, or you can utilize the face down tray that holds 100 pieces of paper respectively. Altogether, without any additions, your printer is already capable of holding a hefty 150 pieces of paper at one given time.

You can also choose to install automatic printing software on your printer. The software comes with the printer and allows you the opportunity to print off email messages that you schedule to be printed. That’s right – you can schedule a time when you want the printer to start printing.

There are also many upgradeable features available for the printer as well. All of the printers come equipped with 4 MB of memory but you have the option to upgrade them all the way up to 36 MB of memory. You can also upgrade the amount of paper that you wish for your printer to hold to 500 sheets.

The first page that you print off comes out of the printer within 15 second, with the remainder pages following right along. The drivers that you will need for the printer are all included in the box that it comes with. This means no searching for compatible drivers for you to be able to use your printer.

With competitive speed and the ability to handle multi-media, this printer will work in almost any business or home setting.  The Brother HL 1250 toner ensures a crisp, sharp output in every situation.  When you need to replace the Brother printer toner cartridge, you have the option of purchasing from such great online companies as Qtoner, available for fast shipping.  The Brother HL 1250 printer is being recognized as a printer of the future, one you can have right now.

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