Fax, Copy, And Print With High-Quality Laser Output – The Brother IntelliFax 2820 Printer

by erin on September 13, 2010

Any business that is worth its weight, in sales especially needs to have a good fax machine at its disposal. Before the Internet age, a fax machine was a fast and accurate way of getting documents to destinations quickly and efficiently in a short amount of time. Brother IntelliFax 2820 Printer is a dual-purpose machine that enables its user to print and fax documents. Brother IntelliFax 2820 toner produces a high quality image no matter the use.

Most fax machines take a long time to copy and transmit a document to its intended destination. The Brother IntelliFax 2820 Printer cuts down on wait time in both sending and receiving by getting each document through the system in six seconds. The machine will dial up its intended destination, copy the document and send it at lightning speed.

This office machine is also a quasi-secretary because of the 8 MB of memory stored on its internal hard drive. Usually, when a fax machine does not have enough paper to support a transmission, the fax will be lost. Brother has made this machine with a 500-sheet capability for fax storing memory. When a transmission comes over the line, do not fret if paper is not readily available because it can be printed at any time.

Another fundamental benefit to purchasing this style fax machine is that it doubles as a printer as well. This office appliance uses Brother IntelliFax 2820 toner to produce documents and papers at 1200 dpi resolution. This matches the quality that most printers have making this machine a dual threat. This model is a laser printer that works as well as other top brands on the market.

As far as fax machines are concerned, having a dual line can be costly when adding it to a phone bill at the end of the month. This piece of office apparatus is fitted with a fax and voice option on a single line. Getting an extension type telephone can keep this fax running all day. It also has the capability to store up to 220 numbers on its hard drive, which further cuts down on wasted time.

Because this item serves as both a printer and a fax machine, it would stand to reason that it would be rather expensive. However, the base model of this machine can be found for under $200, making it a relative steal. It also comes with a limited one-year warranty that ensures customers of repairs and replacement for faulty equipment. Cutting back on prices is a great way to obtain a useful machine and save money at the same time.

A Brother IntelliFax 2820 Printer is infinitely useful because it incorporates two major functions into one machine. It has the state of the art fax capabilities that make it a leading brand in this field and can double as a printer. While Brother IntelliFax 2820 toner gets the job done for smaller work environments, use the extra time and space this purchase provides to get more work done. Brother toner cartridges produce high quality copies and documents in high definition with adequate speed.

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