Brother Intellifax 2920 – Lasers Are Cooler Now Than In The 70’s

by garrett on April 20, 2009

Brother Intellifax 2920 Toner cartridge system is a laser monochrome printer, copier and high-speed fax machine that uses Brother Intellifax 2920 Toner cartridges, designed to meet the needs of small to medium size enterprises. This unit allows multiple users to share the same fax machine and copier in a variety of network configurations. The incorporation of a high-capacity front loading paper tray makes paper handling simple. A 10,000 image monthly duty cycle makes departmental support a breeze.

As a fax machine, the Brother Intellifax 2920 features Super G3 compatibility, 33.6 kbps transmission, MH, MR, MMR and JBIG data compression, and a 600-page memory capacity. PC faxing can be networked in, but for sending only. The Brother Intellifax 2920 can operate in any of 4 modes; Fax Only, Fax/Tel, External Telephone Answering Device (TAD) and Manual Receive.

The Fax Only mode is for dedicated fax lines. In this mode the 2920 answers every call as a fax.

In Fax/Tel mode the 2920 answers every call and identifies each call as fax or voice. It receives fax calls and forwards voice calls to a pre-assigned extension. This mode is best implemented on a line that receives primarily fax messages. No answering machine can be used in this set-up: not even off an external wall jack and not the office voice mail system.

In External Telephone Answering Device (TAD) mode the system operates in conjunction with an external answering machine only. There is no forwarding of voice calls to another extension. All voice calls dump to an external dedicated answering machine. If the call is a fax, the 2920 receives the fax.

Finally, Manual Receive has two modes. It can be combined with a distinctive ring feature or it can be straight manual. In straight manual, every call must be answered live – no answering machine pick up is allowed. If a fax is on the line, you must stay on the line until the 2920 picks up. This mode is best on a line that receives few faxes, for obvious reasons. The Distinctive Ring feature must be employed if the line is shared with a computer.

As a copier, the Brother Intellifax 2920 Printer features 15 pages per minute copying speed, 200 x 300 dpi resolution, up to 64 gray-scale half tones, enlargement – reduction variations from 200% down to 50% and up to 99 copy capacity.

The document and media handling range of the 2920 is from legal size down to 3.9 x 5.8 inches. Document feed capacity is 20 sheets and supports plain paper. Output trays hold up to 100 sheets, the input tray has a maximum capacity of 250 8.5 x 14 sheets with weight from 60 g/m2 to 161 g/m2.

Brother Intellifax 2920 Toner features the famous Brother ink formulation. Brother brand ink ensures every Brother cartridge delivers correct image balance, color accuracy and eveness while minimizing or eliminating clogging or smearing. Brother’s award-winning ink formula incorporates over 100 elements in each and every Brother Intellifax 2920 Toner cartridge. Print capacity per cartridge is approximately 1500 pages. OEM equipment is always recommended for best performance. For more information, check out our site

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