Brother TN-360 – A Toner You Can Stand By

by adam on August 11, 2009

The encompassing flexibility and capability of the Brother HL-2140 printer is well known. Rising to meet the text demands of the modern small business, the machine comes through in terms of prowess. Giving prints with consistency and precisely, the Brother HL-2140 using compatible Brother TN-360 printer toner cartridge is a small business expert, regardless of the workload.
brother tn360
The Brother TN-360 compatible toner and the Brother HL-2140 printer are a great team when it comes to producing prints of up to 22 pages per minute in black and white.

This is a relatively inexpensive laser printer that prints at resolutions up to 24000 dpi, which in itself is more than enough for most printing jobs.

The Brother HL-2140 is a monochrome laser printer that is very cheap when compared with other printers on the market. This printer is great if you are looking for a printing workhorse that can print cheaply and with good quality text. Brother TN-360 printer toner cartridge can be used with this printer. It is always a good idea to keep an extra cartridge handy just in case of emergencies.

I would go out and say that the Brother HL-2140 is the best looking printer on the market.  It’s got its own sort of rugged looks, which are charming too. The good news is that the printer is sturdy so it can take a few bumps and hits every now and then.

Many people will probably be quick to jump to the conclusion that because the printer is relatively cheap it does not have good print quality. Brother TN-360 printer toner cartridge has been designed with quality in mind. However don’t use the Brother HL-2140 to print any of your graphics because like many monochrome laser printers on the market this too does not handle graphics very well. However it’s ok if you just want to print out a bunch of street maps or drawings, but keep it away from photos.

The text on the Brother HL-2140 prints don’t look very crisp when compared to high end Dell printers, but it’s way better when you compare it to an inkjet printer. Also add to the fact that it can easily manage 11.9 ppm under tremendous pressure that real world printing requires.

Coupled with Brother TN-360 toner the printer demonstrates an uncanny talent to create some of the most fine and detailed looking prints on the market. An striking addition for any small business, the Brother HL-2140 provides stunning details and print speeds that will inspire employees and owners alike.

Printing like a pro is quick and casual with the easy to control and concise Brother HL-2140 providing its user-friendly interface. Suiting the requirements of any user, this Brother printer has a very tiny learning curve and is simple to use regardless of computing education. Installing or repairing the high performance Brother TN-350 toner is just as stress free and convenient.

Regardless of the size of the project or the needs and requests of your small business, the Brother HL-2140 is more than capable of usurping your every preconception. Combining a high-quality Brother toner that will make detailed and fine looking prints that will ensure quality, wow and intrigue that you simply can’t pass up.  Smart consumers know that matching a quality toner with a top-performing printer is just good business sense.

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