Buy A Dell 1235c Printer For Your Office Today

by erin on June 14, 2011

As a multifunctional unit, the Dell 1235c printer is a workhorse. Being able to print, copy, fax and scan, it does the work of numerous machines and with great quality. It is guaranteed to improve the productivity of your office.

Compact Design

Even if you do not have a large office or work space, this printer will fit. It is compact in design and will fit just about anywhere. It has a piano black finish that will go with just about any decor. The unit only weighs fifteen kilograms and works very quietly. You will not be disturbed by annoying printer sounds when working next to this machine.

Color Fax

Unlike some other office machines, this unit can send and receive faxes in color. The print is of a very high quality because of the high DPI ratio. Black and white prints are done at an amazing sixteen pages per minute and color prints are produced at four pages per minute.

Stored Documents

A common way to store documents in the office is on a USB drive. This printer makes it easier to print these up fast and in great quality. With an easily accessible serial bus port on the front of this unit that has an easy to operate interface. It even has an easy to read LCD screen with a large key panel right next to it. All of these things add to ease of use of this printer.

Energy Saver

Not only is this unit user friendly, it is easy on the environment. This also makes it easy on your wallet, using only a quarter of the energy that other conventional models use. Empty toner cartridges can be sent back to Dell so that they may be recycled. And this is done at no cost to you. Of course you will not be replacing them any time soon because you will be able to print fifteen hundred black and white documents and one thousand color documents from one cartridge. The cartridges are extremely easy to replace.

Business Professional

Who knew one machine could help make your business seem so much more professional. Business envelopes can be printed instead of hand written. Labels can be made and even photos can be printed on from this unit. Storage and speed are not a concern because it comes with one hundred twenty megabytes of standard memory and two full megabytes of memory for faxing. It has a three hundred sixty megahertz processor, which is where the speed comes in.

Large Workload

Since this machine is capable of handling a large workload, it has an Ethernet port that allows you to connect it to a network. This aspect provides connectivity for all the computers in your office. Documents are easily scanned and saved to a computer, a network or USB drive. They can also be scanned and saved directly to your email.

Less Maintenance

Any printed material from the Dell 1235c printer is sure to look professional with toner cartridge. Beyond that, it does the work of three machines and requires less maintenance. You are sure to be pleased with the work it will do for you and your business.

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