Can The Existence Of A God Be Proven?

by Bridget on September 17, 2012

One of the key debates between those who believe in creation and those who go a more scientific route is whether or not there is proof that a god exists. There are numerous texts that explain that there is proof of God in creation, and the incidences they’re describing are of a more scientific theory. For example, these arguments just include the statement of facts that one must take as evidence a god exists. This is also explained in the Kent Hovind – Creation Seminar. Those that believe in creationism believe that these facts prove that there is a god and that a god had a part in creation.

Statement of Facts

Many Creationist textbooks and seminars focus mostly on statements proving why a god must exist. They rely on scientific information and the fact that scientists can’t explain how, for example, the universe came into existence.  They use the fact that Scientists offer no explanation for how the universe just “came” into being. They purport this phenomenon onto a deity. This is a great example of faith. Especially faith in the unseen, but just as scientists cannot prove the existence of God, neither can creationism.

Kent Hovind Creation Series

A popular series pertaining to Creationism is presented by Kent Hovind. In his series he covers topics such as, the age of the earth, the Garden of Eden, dinosaurs in the Bible, lies found in public school textbooks, the hidden dangers associated with belief in evolution, and lastly he covers the Hovind theory, which focuses heavily on an alternative insight into Noah’s flood. Seminars like this help those who believe creationism teach it to others and their children as well.

Creationism vs. Evolutionary Theory

 Many proponents of creationism believe that scientists quibble regarding evolution and that there is much dispute within the scientific community regarding the theory of evolution. This is untrue. Scientists may disagree about certain aspects of evolution, such as the aquatic ape theory, but still widely believe that evolution has lead to humans and their current traits today as well as all animals and their traits presently existing.

Theory vs. Belief

The theory of evolution is just that a theory proposed by scientists based on hard evidence and the interpretation of that evidence. This cannot be said for the beliefs pertaining to creationism, they are just that beliefs. They have interpreted the Bible and have added numbers according to biblical texts and have concluded that earth cannot possibly as old as scientists claim. It’s not so much a matter of right versus wrong, but more a matter of which one has used due process in determining what the reality might be.

A Deity And Evolution

Many people wonder why evolution and religion cannot coincide with one another. Wouldn’t evolution, if it were true, make the existence of a deity all the more omnipotent? Why does the idea that gradually over billions of years organisms adapted better to their environments and developed such traits go against an entire religion? How does blind faith outweigh years of research, evidence, and reports?

Individuals who subscribe to creationist theory argue that there is proof of God in creation. They believe that because of situations such as a salamander having sticky feet, that makes the case for a deity. However, this is merely stating facts, and not the reason for the facts. And that is part of the problem that is the problem with any theory. Without solid facts and reasonable data it cannot be stated as fact. The Kent Hovind – Creation Seminar goes into depth regarding these issues and many more surround creationist theory and biblical data.

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