Canada Is Calling!

by erin on May 10, 2010

Although Canada is so close, it couldn’t be more different. Canada begs to be explored, and you and your family have the tools to do it. A passport cards is available, and they make traveling with your family easier than ever before. If you and your family are looking for a fun, unique way to take a vacation, you only need to look to our northern neighbor.

Canada’s history is as colorful as it is vast. The earliest signs of Canadian population go back 26,500 years with the Paleo-Indians who populated North America. As Canada’s original inhabitants, they adapted to the land and became as successful a settlement as any. The influence of these Aborigines is still felt today, in many forms. From tradition music and dance to art to their own unique languange, even Canada’s most modern cities still experience the touch of their oldest ancestors.

Traveling to Canada is easy. You only need to hop in your car and drive, no plane ticket required. The passport card, a relatively new take on the original passport book, is making vacation accessible to even more people. At only $30, the passport card allows you and your family to take a trip for only a fraction of the cost of a passport book. The passport card is used for land and sea travel, opening up so many opportunities for families to get away for a little. Without having to empty your pockets, you and your family can take a vacation to Canada and see for yourself what makes it so great.

Canada is as wild as it is unique. Travel to Somerset Island in Nanevut and embark on an “Arctic Safari.” Pitch your heavy-duty tent and stay up with the sun until 2 am. See belugas and hear them sing or watch the seals play and sunbathe. Dig for prehistoric fossils and an aurora, one of nature’s most beautiful natural displays.

If you are looking for a great night out with your friends, or even if you want to make some new Canadian ones, head out to Montreal. This friendly, chic party town is known for its world famous bars, clubs, and lounges. Eat at a fashionable restaraunt and head out dancing afterwards. Attend the Cirque de Soleil and see for yourself the cultural scene that makes Canada so unique.

Niagara Falls is one of Canada’s most famous landmarks, and it offers something fun for every member of your family. Suit up and take the Maid of the Mist under the Falls or see them from the dry interior of a helicopter. Niagara Falls is suitable for the whole family, and no Canadian trip would be complete without it.

Canada is the perfect place if you’re looking for a different setting without traveling too far. And with your passport card, getting there is even easier. There is no need to step foot on a plane. Canada has something for everyone, whether you prefer adventure over spa treatments or great food over great views. Either way, all you need is a sweater and your U.S. passport, and Canada is yours for the discovering.

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