Canon ImageClass D320 – A Heart-Touching Printer Masterpiece

by garrett on April 24, 2009

The Canon ImageClass D320 printer is a printer that can be used for both large and small offices. Besides being a printer it is also a digital copier. It has a high copy speed of 15 pages per minute with excellent resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi. Copying on legal sized paper is slightly slower at 12.5 ppm. The copy functions include zooming to 200 percent. The zoom itself will change by 1 percent increments. For the best results, be sure to pick up some Canon ImageClass D320 Toner!

This printer/copier is very fast and economical to use. It uses a single cartridge system that makes usage and operation much easier compared to two cartridge systems that frequently need to be replaced at different times. The paper tray holds 250 sheets. The right cover can be opened to install the cartridge or remove paper jams. The copying surface and cover are made of paten glass.

The machine comes with a one-year warranty and included in the box is a S35 cartridge, power cord, software CD-ROM, documentation kit, and cassette/multi-purpose tray. This machine offers excellent quality and reliability and is an excellent replacement if you are looking to save space instead of using stand-alone machines. It should be noted that the S35 cartridge is a full cartridge and not a starter cartridge.

The Canon ImageClass D320 printer has a variety of features including the electronic collating, enlargement, reduction and a multi-stack bypass feeder. It is compatible with Windows operating systems. It connects to your computer using a USB cable, which is not included with the printer, and can be hooked up to a network.

The following are a few tips on installation and usage. The printer can very easily be installed with the Windows 98 operating system. However later Windows operating systems required some searching, as the printer does not automatically start. You will have to manually point to the correct NTF files and this can be very confusing and difficult for those not computer savvy.

Sometimes the printer will jam if you print multi-page documents over 15 pages but this is rare and you shouldn’t have any problems. A few users have noticed that the paper curls due to heat but as long as you have proper ventilation over heating is not an issue. As with many two sided copiers you may have to manually place the copies back into the paper cassette to avoid jamming or other issues, though this is common with many other printers.

This printer is monochromatic and works using a laser and rotating mirrors. The image is beamed indirectly to a drum that in turn attracts toner to the image. A high temperature is used to melt the toner and transfer the image to the printer. The toner for monochromatic printing is much less then color printers. The printer itself comes in many different models with very different options, though printing beyond simple graphics can be difficult.

The Canon ImageClass D320 printer uses Canon ImageClass D320 toner and is an excellent product if you are looking for speed and black and white printing. It is a multi-functioning printer with a copier and is perfect for small businesses and home offices. The zooming and other options make it a versatile machine. For more information, be sure to check out our site at

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