Canon ImageClass MF4270 – Multi-Functional And Affordable

by garrett on April 30, 2009

Canon Imageclass MF4270

Canon Imageclass MF4270

When looking for a quality printer that can perform many different functions, the Canon ImageClass MF4270 printer – Canon ImageClass MF4270 Toner combination is perfect for any office. Everyone in your office will easily be able to use this printer that offers faxing capabilities, great scanning and printing functions, and a memory bank that allows you to store certain documents right within the machine. This printer comes at an inexpensive price as well, making it a great option.

This printer is perfect for any office group who only needs to perform a few, basic functions. It will generally perform all of its tasks in a quick manner, with a speedy paper loading time and crisp, clean printing of text. It will provide sharp copies as well to anyone who needs to use that function.

Much cheaper than the other printers of its class, while the Canon ImageClass MF4270 printer can’t perform as many specific functions as the others, it will give anyone all of the standard features an office might need. While it does not have a fax forwarding capability, one could easily still receive and transmit faxes through it. Busier offices may need a printer with more capability, yet this model is perfect for any smaller office and all of its paper needs.

The body of the printer itself is rather compact. It is a little over 15 inches wide, 18 inches tall, and 17 inches deep, weighing almost 28 pounds. The document feeder installed on the top of the printer can hold 35 pages needed for scans or faxing.

One will find a number of buttons on the control panel, yet everything is clearly defined. An LCD display allows one to see the status of the printer and the three main tasks (printing, scanning, and faxing) are clearly labeled on buttons underneath this area. Other buttons include directional buttons, allowing one to go further into the many specific functions available on this printer.

The faxing capabilities of this printer are extensive, with an easy number pad for dialing the numbers one needs to fax to. An address book is included inside the printer, allowing the office to store frequently used numbers. This can often be a great advantage for those who frequently need to fax.

The Canon ImageClass MF4270 toner that comes with the printer is good for around 1,000 pages of printing. Once a replacement is bought, that toner cartridge can last for around 2,000 pages. The toner cartridge itself only costs around $70, which puts the price of printing a single page somewhere around $0.03. This can be very beneficial to offices on a budget.

When looking for an office printer, the Canon ImageClass MF4270 printer offers a number of features that any smaller office can easily take advantage of. Additionally, the Canon ImageClass MF4270 toner package will help any office to reduce the costs of their printing, giving sharp, clear, quality pages for all of the printing needs that an office may have.

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