Canon L 300 – A Sturdy Machine For The Office

by adam on April 28, 2009

The Canon L 300 printer/fax machine uses Canon L 300 Toner and is a great low cost option for small to mid-size companies. It requires almost no regular maintenance and offers many money saving options usually associated with the larger, more expensive, models. Perhaps the best feature of this machine is the design of its toner cartridge.

The Canon L 300 prints faxes on regular, single sheet printer paper. It can use almost any paper, even the lower cost news print. It also saves you money and time because you will no longer have to make copies of faxes in order to get them onto paper that can be written on or stored. It also has a very convenient front loading paper cassette that holds up to 250 sheets of paper.

The Canon L 300 also saves time and money by eliminating the warm up time. Its patented SURF (surface rapid fusing) technology means that the printer is always ready to use but uses only 7 watts of power when not actively in use. The fax machine uses no power whatsoever unless called into service.

The L 300’s modem delivers faxes in 6 seconds and prints a page in 4, which can save you a substantial amount of time if your business receives or transmits many faxes. Their ECM (error correction mode) can detect errors due to phone line issues and automatically correct them. Better still, when retransmitting a fax in which an error occurred, it only goes back to the page where the error occurred. This saves time, energy and paper as you don’t print double copies.

The L300’s substantial memory allows for the storing of incoming pages if the machine is otherwise occupied. It can store up to 42 pages and with an easy up-grade can store up to 138. Its delayed transmission also allows you to send to up to 121 locations without resending.

This canon’s scanner uses digital imaging processing so you can send pictures or graphics and know that the receiver will actually get the image you sent, not a distorted, unrecognizable copy. The printer is detailed enough to receive photo quality images.

Even considering all the advantages of this fax/printer, it is still possible that the toner cartridge is its best feature. It uses the Canon FX-3 cartridge which comes complete with all the parts that frequently break or wear out out and affect printer quality. A new drum, development unit and high quality toner, all packaged in a cartridge that is very easy to install. You replace the parts most vital for quality printing every time you replace the toner cartridge.

The Canon L300 fax/printer may be the best option for your business. It costs much less than the larger models and is easy to use and maintain. After purchase it will continue to save you money but cutting down on wasted time and money. In addition, the design of the Toner cartridge makes keeping your printing quality at is best is as simple as changing the cartridge.

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