Canon L 400 Laser Fax Machine And Printer

by erin on April 23, 2009

When you are deciding on your office equipment it is important to look for equipment that can do multiple tasks at one time to cut down on costs. The same goes for your printer, you will want it to be able to handle multiple office duties which saves you money and gets tasks done quickly. You get that with the Canon L 400 Laser Fax Machine, with this little machine you get a copier, a fax, and a printer that give you premium prints. Additionally you also get the Canon L 400 toner which gives you crisp sharp prints every time.

The Canon L 400 helps you to lower your phone cost as it sends transmissions super fast. This machine will scan and fax your document at a speed of 4.3 seconds for each page. What this means is that you are not on the phone line very long doing a fax, and with the Canon L 400 you also get very little wait time so you are not waiting around for long. You will also find that with the Canon L 400 toner you also get outstanding prints and faxes very quickly.

When you do need to send extremely long faxes you have a paper feeder that holds up to 50 pages. For holding paper you also get a 250 sheet paper holder with the Canon L 400 printer. This means no running back and forth filling paper when you are working on a large job.

Additionally the Canon L 400 printer has up to a 256 page memory which keeps your faxes that you will need to print later. Your office workers will be able to send their work to the machine and not worry about it getting lost if someone else is printing.

Another big benefit is that its easy to use control panel is fairly easy to use, which means you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. Also the Canon L 400 toner cartridge is quite easy to change, it can be done in a matter of second and you won’t have to worry about getting ink all over you.

You also will find that the Canon L 400 fax comes with a handy answering machine connection, this is especially great if you are working on something at the fax so that you won’t miss calls during that time. You will also be able to make high resolution copies and prints in minutes using the Canon L 400 as it is more than just a fax machine. With the Canon L 400 Toner makes every job professional and sharp.

If you have to produce top of the line text, pictures and other graphics you will find that the Canon L 400 allows you to produce high quality prints in second using the 600 dpi printer. With the Canon L 400 toner these prints will be picture perfect with clear, clean text.

Lastly with the Canon L 400 you can copy any thing and it will come out as sharp and as clear as the original. Pictures, magazine covers and any other document will be a perfect copy of the original, so much so that you will have a hard time telling which is which. Additionally with the Canon L 400 toner those copies are beautiful and rich every time you make a copy.  For more information, check out our site

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