Canon MF8450c Printer Offers Lower Cost Prints

by erin on June 15, 2011

Businesses that find it’s time to replace one or several office machines may benefit from the Canon MF8450C printer. In this device, Cannon offers a multifunction machine that can serve as a computer printer, copy machine, flat bed scanner and fax machine. In addition to saving cost by allowing one machine to perform the function of four, the device can continue to save money with lower cost consumables.

Multifunction Machine

The weight of the machine is substantial, at just under 100 pounds. While larger than most inkjet printers or multifunction machines, consumers are reminded that the one device can serve everyone in the work group and is replacing four machines with one device. Thus, the larger machine may actually offer a space saving installation.

Ethernet Connection

Computers and other devices can be connected to the machine in several ways. Ethernet connections as well as USB ports are available. The machine accepts the faster USB-2 connection. In addition, flash media can be connected directly to the device. The machine does not include wireless connectivity, a feature that would be useful in offices where employees use laptop computers.

Laser Printer

The use of toner cartridges for laser printers is one of their greatest advantages. Instead of producing only a few hundred prints with each cartridge, the toner used in these machines produces several thousand prints. With this multifunction device, each black toner cartridge produces 6000 prints while each of the three color cartridges will produce 4000 pages.

Similar Devices

Although slower than the fastest of similar devices, the prints produced by this device are within an acceptable time frame. Once the machine enters its energy saving mode, expect a one-minute warm up period. If the machine has not entered this mode, the first print is available in 16 seconds. Once the first print has been made, subsequent pages are delivered at a rate of 17 ppm.

Duplex Prints

Consumers will find that the machine offers both duplex prints and a document feeder. Other machines in the same range of prices do not include these devices, although they can be purchased separately. The device offers a 250-sheet output tray. Media accepted must be legal sized or smaller. The feed tray will accept plain paper, envelopes and transparencies. In addition, the machine is designed for use with recycled paper.

Onboard Memory

With an onboard memory, this fax machine in this device offers 1000 pages of document storage for either transmittal or reception. The machine offers a 406×391 dpi fax resolution. Faxes are transferred at 33.6 Kbps. In addition, there is storage for up to 200 speed dial numbers for faxes.

Reliable Prints

When considering office machine replacement, many businesses are looking to use multifunction machines. The Canon MF8450C printer is one such device that may meet the needs of the company. It offers reliable prints that are sharp for both text and photos. Additionally, this machine replaces at least four other office machines. The laser printing device saves money for the company by using less expensive consumables such as toner. It offers scanning capabilities that allow hard copies to be turned into digital media.

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