Caribbean Cruise Trips – Meeting New People, Experiencing New Places, And Having Fun

by erin on July 7, 2010

Cruising is one form of travel that offers the tourist everything for one price. You have floating accommodations, incredible dining, various activities as well as visits to foreign locations. This one price gets it all method make vacation planning easy and less costly than other methods where all aspects must be purchased separately. There are cruises offered to every location you would ever want to visit the world over but we would like to suggest that you start with the Caribbean islands. Right off the coast of the United States, a passport is not required but you do need a passport card so access an online passport agency and you will be apple to get your passport application at the convenience of your computer.

Barbados is one of the most popular Caribbean cruise destinations. The local shops provide an opportunity for duty-free shopping for those who love to shop and the adventure seeker will be attracted to the opportunity for scuba diving, cave exploration and wildlife reserves that promise to thrill the visitor. Your family will have the opportunity to see natural wildlife in the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. Green Monkeys, Red-Footed Tortoises and a variety of tropical birds make this natural sanctuary their home and wait to welcome the visitors.

Costa Rica is another exotic destination in the Caribbean that features tons of wildlife. While this destination has only .25% of the world’s entire landmass, it features a full 5% of its biodiversity. The forests of Costa Rica are home to many species of monkeys, over 800 species of birds, and 2,000 species of plants. Tortuguero National Park, translated as “full of turtles,” is home to numerous species of turtles, sloths, and the world’s fastest lizard, the spiny-tailed iguana. Other national parks hold even more species, and if you are wildlife lover, you need to do some exploring in Costa Rica.

Cozumel, an island located just off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, offers a different set of experiences. This location is world-famous for its snorkeling and diving as well as ancient Mayan ruins. One of the famous attractions in Cozumel is the opportunity to dive 100 feet below the surface in a 48 passenger submarine. Glass-bottomed boats also offer an incredible chance to meet some of the aquatic inhabitants of Cozumel’s reefs.

Aruba is another tiny island off of the coast of Venezuela. It’s also famous for its spectacular diving, and much of its popularity comes from the impressive number of underwater ship wrecks that are available to explore. The world’s largest ship wreck is also located here, and getting to swim through its remains puts you in an encounter with tons of species of fish and other wildlife. The reefs are also and remember: you can see all these places and more with a new passport cards!

So much awaits you in the Caribbean islands and cruising is the best way to visit this island paradise. You will not have to invest in a passport because you and your family will only need a pass port card to enjoy this adventure. The first thing to do is go online and download a USA passport application, get it filled out, submit it and then just pick your island and then your cruise line. You will be on your way to paradise.

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