Children Passport – Don’t Bother To Put Off Till The Last Minute

by garrett on April 2, 2010

Long gone are the days when parents traveling with small children, especially babies, were accorded special treatment. It used to be that anyone with an infant could simply carry the child onto a plane or ship with little or no need for any identification. Today, all United States citizens need to have a passport when entering or leaving other countries. This means babies passports have to be acquired in nearly the same fashion as those of adults.

First off, it is important to know that anyone going for a passport for the very first time must apply in person; there is no mail-in option. So get ready to pack up the baby and head for the local post office or one of any of the over 9000 passport facilities that are authorized nationwide. In addition to postal centers, some government offices, courts, and libraries are passport centers. It is easy to find a list of these online.

Not only does baby need to appear, but also if there are two parents or guardians who both have legal custody or rights for the minor, both must accompany the baby. Both will be required to sign the application form.. If one is unavailable, the other parent will have to present a State of Consent that has been signed by the non-appearing parent and notarized. If only one parent has legal custody, this parent will have to show evidence to this effect, like a signed and notarized custody order.

To save time, download the passbook application from any one of a number of online sources. Fill it out before arriving at the acceptance office, but do not sign it, the signature must be completed in front of an authorized agent. If the trip has suddenly come up and there are two weeks or less, it will be necessary to go to one of the passport centers, they are in 14 different regions, mostly in urban areas.

Be sure to bring baby’s paperwork when it is time to turn in the paperwork. A certified United States birth certificate is required with the names of both parents on it, if there are two parents. It also needs to show that the certificate was filed within one year of baby’s birth.

Getting a babies passport without a certified certificate of birth will require some other form of documentation. Parents will need to bring their drivers’ licenses or valid passports for their identification. The child will also need a photo for passport as all adults do and it must be proper two inch square size.

With children, it is best to take them to someone who specializes in passbook photos. Even with today’s great digital, phone and laptop cameras, it is not always easy to get the proper photo of an infant. Take the time to make sure the picture is correct or face disappointment when being turned away at the authorized center.

The final hurdle is payment for babies U S passport. It is not inexpensive but at least the document is good for five years. It will cost a total of $82 but will need to be split between the Department of State and the facility issuing the paperwork. Check ahead of time online to be clear on what types of payment are acceptable, not all facilities take all types of payment.

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