Choose The Okidata B6500n Printer Toner For Your Office Printing Needs!

by erin on December 29, 2009

I80132959If your business activities are limited by your printer’s capabilities, then you should certainly look into investing into a higher quality and faster printer. The Okidata B6500n printer using Okidata B6500n toner is the perfect choice for any business that wishes to increase the efficiency and productivity of their operations. Once a business can do its tasks at the speed of its employees, the entire company can increase the profitability of their activities.

Also, when you have a printer designed to be fast, you can do more business than you can with a printer that places limits on your employees due to costs. With one of these printers, you can say goodbye to your limitations. If you want to print up to 200,000 pages per month, at 45 pages per minute, this printer is the perfect solution for you. Now your company can do far more work and maximize its capabilities. When you can print 10,000 pages a day easily, you will find your employees are able to get far more work done because they are not spending their time waiting for their tools to supply the information they require.

These printers are not only fast producers, but they are also high quality machines too. When you can print your work at 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, you will know that the quality of your presentations and print outs for customers is at its absolute best. Not only can you print large amounts of high quality prints in a short period of time, but it only takes 8 seconds to start printing.

This also gives your employees more time to focus on the aspects of the business that will increase profits. When your employees have more time to focus on productive efforts, the profits of your operation ultimately rises. No matter which part of your business you are focusing on, when you can increase the quantity of your output, while still maintaining the quality of your productions, you ultimately increase your profits.

These printers are also a great solution if you are constantly limited by the amount of sheets you can print at any one moment. If you need to print large volumes of prints every day, then you should also look into the expandable options of this machine. You can have your printer capable of printing up to 1,800 sheets of paper before you need to reload. This can be a great way to increase your business efficiency. Employees will spend less time maintaining the operation of the printer and more time focusing on the parts of their projects that increase the performance and profits of your company.

You can even print to both sides of every sheet you use. Businesses commonly find it difficult to keep their costs below their profit lines. Two sided printing is another feature of this printer that can help you keep your business profitable. The best advantage you can gain from a printer is the capability of printing for a low cost per page. With this printer, you will be printing all of your prints at one of the lowest costs possible in the industry, while maintaining the quality that your business is known for.

If you are going to invest into your business, you should choose products that increase the respectability of your operations. When you buy a product that has won many awards for outstanding quality, you can increase the value that your services offer to all of your customers. When your money is invested into a company that stands behind their products, you will also feel more secure with your purchase.

When you buy an Okidata 6500n printer for your business, Okidata will provide excellent support for you. When you buy one of their printers, you can contact a live employee whenever you need help with your product. With outstanding quality and support to back up your purchase, you can feel that your investment is well worth the capital required to improve your business.

This outstanding quality extends to the Okidata B6500n toner.  Sharp, clear, crisp prints are provided whenever Okidata toner is used.  Continue your savings when you shop online for replacement toner.  This printer and toner duo make a terrific work partner.

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