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by garrett on October 16, 2011

Different applicant procedures need to be adhered to when replacing passport in the States. The situation may vary from needing to change a surname to damaged and stolen property. Forms are assigned dependent on the reason for replacement and it is therefore wise to consult with an official to determine the process that is suited to your situation.

Reason For Replacement

To apply for a new travel document in America, you must be a United States citizen. If the book was issued less than 15 years ago or if an update of personal information is required, one has the option of delivery of this legal item through the mail. There is no charge for the delivery of the item if the travel book was issued within a period of a year.

Damaged Passports

Books that are damaged or altered are not legally acceptable and therefore replacement of the paperwork is required. This is because the contents may not be readable and therefore deemed as not adhering to acceptable legal standards. Officials are always available to provide detailed analysis of the paperwork and suggest whether it is fit for use.

This is crucial as when traveling out of state, authorities may reject the document which could result in dire consequences for personal travel arrangements. Destruction to paperwork may be caused by a number of sources including excessive heat and water damage that could be due to washing clothing in which the property has been buried. If drastically altered and one cannot read or distinguish the photograph, it is best to simply have the item replaced.

Lost Passports

Lost property cases are required to be reported to local authorities such as the police. In this instance, the booklet will be considered misplaced. Unfortunately, postal delivery is not an option and application will have to be done in person.

Stolen Passports

Stolen documents should be dealt with at the police station where an official police report must be completed. The consulate general or embassy requires that the report be submitted together with other legal paperwork. Expedite services may be sought for individuals who are in urgent need of legal travel documents.


The process starts with the identification in a relevant form for replacement of the booklet. Officials are always available to assist with queries. A DS-11 form is required in situations where the property is missing and reported as lost or stolen and in cases of damage.

Proof Of Citizenship

The application process requires a fair amount of legal paperwork to be submitted. This includes proof of identification in the form of a driver’s license and certificate for changes in name. The forms have different charges based on the type of application and should be paid to the U. S Department of State.

Specialized sites have introduced the option of online replacement as long as proof of current legal status is provided. Passport sized pictures always have to be submitted together with paperwork. It is good to know the processes involved in replacing damaged passport should you ever need assistance in this matter.

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