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by on June 14, 2008

Proper categorization of your web content plus effortless navigation is crucial to your website design. There a few important facts you need to bear in mind when you create a website. Number one is to make the pages in a way that allow the user who doesn’t have a lot of time to get to what he or she is looking for quickly.

The next issue is your website’s content. It has to written well and in simple English. It should be consite and to the point. The headings should be descriptive and a summary in a box would make it even better. Updating the content on a regula basis is of outmost importance since the search engines monitor for that and without it the raking of your website is not going to be high.

Finally, let’s talk about the design of your first page. Your site’s home page is your visitor’s guide to the site. In order to make sure your visitors can find the information they want, you should have a link to a site map and a search function both on this page.

Be sure to bear in mind that most people don’t like that fact that when you create a website there is no particular reality to it. Be sure that you include some contact details along with location, driving, and office locations on a page by itself.

The website that you design should not be graphics intensive as the Internet speeds in most parts of the world is still not good enough for non textual content. If you have overloaded your site with graphics, it may take a while to load in your visitor’s computer. This may lead to them discontinuing their visit to your website. As a business owner you definitely would want to avoid such a situation.

If you create a website, you then need to promote it sufficiently so your work doesn’t go to waste. Internet blogs and forums are an inexpensive way to go. Of course, if the money is available, you could also employ internet marketers to publicize your site. Their staff attends trade shows and conventions on your behalf and also gets involved with search engine optimization to raise your rankings when potential customers are performing searches.

An important aspect of web design is correct classification and easy navigation of the content. These must be remembered when you create a website. The first point is to arrange the pages in such a way that the user who urgently needs some data does not have to navigate through a whole lot of pages before arriving at a page or the data that he is interested in. Once you have created a website, you have to take adequate steps for promoting it. Blogs and other online forums are the best place to promote your website within a limited budget.

– Tem Balanco

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