Create A Website To Make A Profit

by on June 3, 2008

It’s certainly possible to create a website by starting a text editor and writing pages of html coding, but why would you do that when it can be done so much easier? With the internet’s popularity has come a great variety of software that will typeset pages for you and give you lots of examples of code that you can borrow from everywhere and then modify for your own pages, and you won’t have the work of writing it.

The software has come a long way in the last decade or so. Originally it used to simply save you the trouble of remembering how to type specific bits of code as a button would paste in the html for you, and cost a preposterous amount of money. Now, though, even free html editors are well into WYSIWYG territory, saving your effort for clever and interesting design.

Having interesting design is only second to the importance of the site actually working. Luckily, you can leave the maintenance issue to the software to handle. You’re entering a public space when you create a website, and so you can expect to attract attention. You need good design to seize this attention so that people will keep coming back to your site.

A website is just a frame for what you want to say and a way of presenting your information to the world. You need to realize that if don’t have a clear presentation, people won’t get past that to your content. Complicated HTML tricks won’t help you present your material, but a clear and easy-to-use design will.

A big trend these days is the niche site that provides a very specific service or feature. Blogs are a wonderful example. Many of them focus on one area of politics or chronicle one specific part of person’s life. True, the most widely read and linked-to sites are the ones that are all things to all people, but those sites are nearly always run by teams of individuals.

It’s not as difficult to create a website as many people might assume. However, you must have a clear vision of what message you’d like to convey before you start. Without an initial idea or message creating a website will be very difficult, just as a masterpiece cannot be painted without an inspiration.

Sure you could create a website by opening up a text editor and writing html code, but why would you want to when you can do that stuff so much easier? These days with the internet boom there’s a variety of software you can use to typeset your pages and plenty of code examples you can borrow from all over the place and modify to suit your own needs, saving you the trouble of writing it yourself. Of course, having a site that works is the most important thing, but the design factor is also crucial due to the need to keep people interested in your site.

– Tem Balanco

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