By Replacing A Damaged Passport, You Are Protecting Your Upcoming Vacation

by erin on June 21, 2010

Identifying a damaged American passport is important to you. Recognize common hazards that cause most damage. Rank the severity of damage and prepare for consequences that damage produces.

The best sales person sunbathes at the seashore. She has won an award and now enjoys the first prize, a paid vacation, compliments of her company. She is unsure if the passport she dropped into the water will cause her to remain in paradise a little longer.

This champion sales person enters the airport for her trip home. She recites for the customs employee how her passport got submerged in a sink containing water. The customs employee states that water certainly can harm travel documents. Customs then dutifully explains that she will not be allowed to go back to her home country until she acquires a replacement passport.

Leading Causes of Damage To Passports
Afterwards, across from the hotel, a local travel adviser offers our now miserable sales representative a cup of ginger tea. The adviser invites her to rest in a chair against a wall covered with photographs of scenes in various tropical paradises. Many things can do harm to pasports, the travel agent says. He remembers how one tourist spilled ink onto his travel documents and how a mountain climber hopped on his passport while wearing climbing shoes. The pointy nails on the bottom of his shoes poked holes in his visas. Another passport got crushed and dented by heavy musical equipment. People accidentally fold up travel documents and visas and water or humidity can be very harmful.

What Damage Looks Like
So how do voyagers know that their passport needs to be placed on the disabled list? Travelers could use fingers and eyes. A photo that looks chafed, blemished, or unclear attests to the presence of damage. Letters of the alphabet that appear poorly typed indicate the presence of damage.

Customs officials may say a passport is damaged if the computer chip implanted does not function. Passports now contain a computer chip and or a bar code. Both get read with a scanner device. Customs officials may consider the passport to be damaged if the bar code becomes unreadable. A chip can sustain electronic or physical damage.

Effects Caused By Damage
You might have to give up is the ability to travel to the country of departure. Envision passengers getting back home but you cannot go out with them for several days until you receive the replacement passport. The reason is the mangled pages in the passport do not believably describe which nation is the country of departure. So the current country blocks you from returning to the nation you claim you were in previously. You might not be able to travel home to your previous destination if you have a worn out, barely readable passport.

One example of a loss is the loss of anonymity. If travel documents need to be replaced the affair must be handled in very public government offices. The traveler may have to talk to the police authorities. This probably means signing some police documents. Oh yes, you must reapply for a new passport in person. Every signature you sign proves you traveled to that location. Beloved fans and the paparazzi will find out where you are.

The delay to proceed home can bring about a loss of financial resources. Departing gets held up because of the wait for delivery of new undamaged travel documents. How crucial is the deprivation of money on account of missing a week away from work? An unforeseen loss of money can kick a hole in a vacation budget.

Her replacement visas and passport arrived after about seven days. Our sales champion flew back home. She feels happy that she brought along extra money because she needed it. She makes two promises to herself. She vows to get a new passport and visas before they get too worn and tattered. And she promises to remain watchful over her passport during future international travel.

What to know about a damaged U S passport is shown here. Remain aware of possible hazards that inflict the greatest harm. Review how to sort damage in terms of severity and shrink the hurtful outcomes that damage to a USA passport creates.

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