Dell 1710 Printer – A Printer That Respects Your Deadlines

by garrett on September 8, 2009

Very few people know about printers today. Take a minute to get to know this one. I speak about the Dell 1710 printer using Dell 1710 printer toner cartridge. It is a superstar in its own right. It may be a tad bit old but hey, old is gold. Off course there are newer versions to fulfill your needs now but they all started somewhere. Somewhere we all need to recognize to be able to go even further. This one hails from the year 2005.

First of all I have to give all due respect to its speed. Let’s face it, in this day and age none of us can wait for anything to load or boot. We are too spoiled but no matter where we are, there we are. It’s a speed thing. It is just how we love our gadgets nowadays. This printer prints out a whopping twenty seven pages a minute! Now tell me that is not too nice. Twenty seven A4 pages a minute! This is the prototype I am talking about. The newer ones will stun you an easy forty.

Just take the time to absorb the quality of a Dell 1710 printout. The newest is called a 1710n so don’t get confused. The Dell 1710 printer has one thousand two hundred by one thousand two hundred dots per inch! Dpi they call it. It also juggles eight hundred sheets of paper on its tray before asking for more. This means you input eight hundred papers in before changing. Whether professional or domestic, that is impressive isn’t it?

For these eight hundred prints you will be dishing out off course you need the ink. There in is another beauty of the dell 1710. It has an inbuilt toner monitoring system. This means you never have to worry if you have the right amount of ink in the cartridge. It will tell you before you press print now. You will never have to go through the annoyance of stopping a printing process. If it’s not enough for a hundred prints it will let you know. Time wasted is energy wasted is money wasted.

Most of us will not buy a printer these days just because of the complexity of operating it. But the Dell 1710 takes that burden off. It is about two or three clicks away from printing your screen. I give it props for that. No one ever reads manuals anymore and with this one well…easy does it.

President Barrack Obama is doing his thing to ease the economic pressure but hey, money is still a factor. The Dell 1710 is one of the cheapest and most reliable printers out there today. All it’s models present at less than two hundred dollars. That is quite a bargain in this bulimic economy.

It is not too bad not too good considering it’s a 2005 printer model. Considering they discontinued the 2005 version for a while, I would give it a seven. A seven out of ten, that is. It had complaints of being too noisy and not easily accessible. It was not in every store around the block. That is still quite a high rating for a pessimistic guy like me. Five pros are better than two cons in my opinion. I would like to know however, what do you think?

The convenience offered by the Dell 1710 is its affordable price, reliability and speed.

For offices that already own this printer, you know its capabilities and realize this printer meets your needs for speed and print clarity using Dell 1710 toner.  Smart consumers know that adding high quality Dell toner cartridge to your printer always produces the best results.  Ordering replacement toner is a breeze with Qtoner available online for competitive prices and super fast shipping.  You simply can’t go wrong with a Dell printer and this one is not exception to that rule.

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