Dell 3110CN Printer – A Great Printer With Even Better Power

by garrett on March 5, 2009

Those who love Dell printers are probably well aware of the Dell 3110CN printer, which was designed to replace the Dell 3100CN model. It is a laser printer which can print documents in both black and white and in color, which is really a must for today’s world. Dual color printers by themselves are necessary because no one wants to spend the money or take up the space which would be necessary to have one of each. With today’s advanced printing technology, that is just silly. Fortunately it is not necessary with this model, which also has its own brand of Dell 3110CN toner.

This printer, it must be said, it also aesthetically pleasing, which is great for the modern office. It features black and silver styling, thus will likely also match any Dell computer or laptop you might have. Of course, that is hardly the most important aspect of this printer, but you might be surprised at how many people choose their office equipment based on its styling.

This printer supports both PostScript and PCL. The control panel is easy to use. Better still, once you lift the printer’s cover, you will see why this model is replacing the former 3100CN model. The toner cartridges are stacked, with one located above the other. The paper path is vertical, a single pass stylization which seems to work much better than what was found in this model’s predecessor.

As you might expect, the main aim of this model is faster printing. By all accounts, it has succeeded in that, especially when it comes to color printing. In a single minute, this printer will spit out almost nineteen documents – mind you, that is the time for black and white printing.

When it comes to color, the Dell laser printer will print out over two pages per minute of high resolution documentation. When using glossy paper, the resolution is likewise high quality. Some people are not happy with the time it takes to print a color document on this model. However, the quality of the finished product is considered worth the wait.

Back to monochrome printing, however, users have praised this model for how smoothly and clearly it prints. The quality is both clean and sharp. Line art is said to look sharp in clarity, with the lines showing up distinctly and crisply.

Furthermore, this laser printer does surprisingly well from photos, or so test runs show. Although standard color printers are not typically known for their photo printing, this one is an exception. The colors are surprisingly accurate and the colors are smooth. In addition, this printer providers greath shadow detail.

Clearly, by all available accounts, if you are in the market for a laser printer, then this may well be the model for you. It seems to work better when the Dell 3110CN toner is used. From construction to printing quality, this model certainly ranks high above average. It is ideal for both home and professional offices. As a laser model, it unquestionably does what it is supposed to do. For more information, check out our site

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