Dell 5310n Printer – The Printer Your Office Should Have

by garrett on September 15, 2009

You will find that the Dell 5310n printer will have many features that are outstanding for a larger office, including that the first page comes out after only a few seconds after hitting the print button from your computer. The speed of 50 pages per minute versus five pages per minute may not seem like a lot, but it does make a difference when you are printing 500 pages at a time.  With the exceptional Dell 5310n compatible cartridge each page, from first to last, will be crisp, clear, and oh so professional.

Anyone looking for a high volume production laser printer should opt for the Dell 5310n laser printer. The 5310n comes in Dell’s trademark black and silver-gray shell. It is small enough that you can place it most anywhere and light enough at just about 50 pounds to move when needed. This means you could easily unpack and deploy the printer yourself. There are deep, sturdy handgrips near the base too for that added convenience.

OpenManage Printer Manager Reports is available to help you make the most out of your Dell printer.  This downloadable program gives you periodic predictions as to how quickly a toner cartridge will run out or information on any possible paper jams, allowing your business to operate at high efficiency.

The 5310n follows a real basic front loader design. A door in the belly drops down and then extends into a reasonably sturdy auxiliary feed. The paper tray that’s built on the printer allows you to fold it up when you want to quit using it. The tray also has a paper feed that helps you utilize different styles of paper.

Helping to break up any sticky papers, the inside of the Dell 5310n main tray has ingenious sloping edges.  It is noted, however, that the function of this printer does not include a rear exit or a straight-feed paper path.  This should not be something that affects your use.

If you need a printer that gives you good quality with the text that you print out, then you should know the Dell 5310n model is perfect for you. The print engine inside the Dell 5310 is not only capable of speeds which can go up to 50 pages per minute, but can also create high quality 1200 x 1200 dpi images using Dell 5310n toner. You may never hear a single complaint regarding the print quality of this printer.

The fuser inside the Dell 5310n is slated to last for 300,000 pages.  It comes with a 10,000 page “starter” Dell 5310n toner with cartridges available that last 20,000 and 30,000 pages respectively.  With the lifespan of this fuser, you may find that it will never have to be replaced during the time you own this printer.

When calculating the operating costs to run this printer, including the fuser price, it is a reasonable 1.02 cents per page for the exceptional prints it outputs.  In addition, Dell is one of a few companies in the competitive printer market that prices the cost of extra memory.

With a vertical facing control panel, this Dell model encourages ease of use.  Once you obtain this printer you will find that getting new Dell 5310n toner, as well as any needed parts, is easy to do on the Internet.  Making printing easy with quality Dell toner cartridge, you will not be surprised to like this machine the more you use it.  Make sure to check out Qtoner for replacement cartridges so this great printer can continue to work for you!

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