Dell P1500 Printer – User Friendly And Efficient

by garrett on September 9, 2009

Dell, the prolific computer and laptop manufacturer, has developed printers that are equally user friendly and efficient. The Dell P1500 printer is a case in point and it lives up to Dell’s reputation of a quality conscious and customer friendly organization. And the Dell P1500 printer cartridge is awesome.

To begin at the very beginning, it will take no more than five minutes for anyone to install the machine. Parallel and USB ports hook up the device on a network. USB ports offer faster and easier processing. This device is not compatible with the Mac OS and supports only Windows OS staring with Windows 98 and later versions. This black and white printer offers resolution of 600 x 600 dpi while the input tray is suitable for use with various kinds of paper sizes including envelopes, transparencies and A4 papers.

The trays can hold 150 pages, but if one requires heavy-duty jobs to be carried out an extra tray with a paper holding capacity of 250 pages can be fitted. This product is extremely well suited for personal work and for small enterprise solutions. The output is measured at 14.7 pages a minute, which is a very high rate and 25% more than the nearest rival. The price point is extremely user friendly and suits the budget of the targeted customer segment.

The printer weighs a measly 20 lbs and with dimensions as compact as 14 x 15 x 9 inches, the form factor is well taken care of.  Dell technical support is readily available and an extra 48-month warranty can be bought for extra protection.

The Dell P1500 printer is equipped with 16 MB RAM that can be enhanced up to 64 MB and is also equipped with a 200 MHz processor. The printer driver enables the customer to configure different print parameters as well as set various functions including font, watermark and overlay. The amount of ink used can also be rationed by selecting from 10 different user defined settings that control the darkness of the output. Negative and Smoothing effects enhance the graphics outputs. The printer offers three print modes: booklet, poster and normal.

There are two control buttons fitted at the top of the printer along with 5 LED’s that depict readiness, status of ink, status of paper-tray, paper jams, and errors. The control buttons are placed where they can be easily reached while the LED’s are good indicators for product malfunctioning if there is any. The input and output trays are located at the top and retract back to save space. The product has a user manual that explains all the necessary facts over 80 well designed pages. The front portion of the printer has a tray that is used for manually feeding papers.

Both the 3K as well as the 6K cartridge is compatible with the device and they cost $99 and $149 respectively. In order to save some money one can go for the recyclable cartridges that are to be returned to Dell at the end of the usage and they cost $75 and $115 for the 3K and 6K print cartridges respectively.

The product is fitted with attractive features and very innovative designs to provide best in class efficiency and value for money. That there is no LCD display may be a sore point; however, with features such as ease of installation, speed and cost efficiency, the product is sure to make the customers happy.

The Dell P1500 is more than capable of performing in your home or medium-sized office, offering the most needed features with ease of use and efficiency.  Polished and professional prints are all the Dell P1500 toner will provide, impressing both boss and client.  Savvy users know that adding quality Dell cartridge to this printer will always ensure reliable output, first page to last.  Online companies like Qtoner are available for quick replacement.  A printer this good should be working for you!

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