Dell S2500 Printer Specifics For Your Office

by CaroleM on September 23, 2009

dell_S2500_20729553As with any smaller printer, installing and troubleshooting just come with the territory. But the Dell S2500 printer using Dell S2500 Toner is actually one of the easier laser printers to deal with when you need to do some troubleshooting or install special items. Here are some great installation and troubleshooting tips that can help you out of any paper jam.

Optional Drawer Installation: Before you start the installation of the other drawer for the S2500 printer, you need to make sure that the power is off, the cord is unplugged, and that you have it disconnected from other cords as well. Simply follow the instructions that come with the drawer you have purchased (either the 250-sheet drawer or the 500-sheet drawer) and you will find that this is one of the easiest installations possible on any printer.

Memory Card Installation: When you decide that you need a memory card for the Dell S2500 printer, it’s really easy to find one and install it. You need to get a printer memory card or a flash memory card, and you need to make sure that it has 100-pin connectors. Be careful with these cards as they can easily be damaged by the least bit of static electricity, so you want to touch something metal before you touch the card. Take the card out of the packaging, open up the printer by the latches on the sides, and push the memory card firmly into place. You should feel it “snap”. And, that is it. Close the cover and you are done.

Raise the Paper Rest: This is a very easy thing to do, simply slide the paper rest forward out of the S2500 printer to raise it to the desired height. This will help to keep your printed documents from laying flat or from falling off of the printer when they are done.

Operator Panel Overlay: The operator panel overlay is used for those who don’t speak English as a first language or prefer a different language for your printer’s buttons. To install the Dell S2500 printer operator panel overlay, simply peel off the backing on the overlay and line up the holes on the overlay with the buttons on the printer’s control panel. Press the overlay firmly into place and you are all set.

Side Cover Removal: There are several times that you might have to remove the side cover on this Dell printer, such as to replace the Dell S2500 toner cartridge or clear a paper jam. Simply open the upper front door and the multipurpose door by pressing the two tabs. Then, slide the side cover off of the back side of the printer. You’ll then be able to put the memory card in, change cartridges, or clear paper jams.

Removing the Shield: Under the side cover on the Dell S2500 printer is the shield that you might have to remove from time to time. After you have removed the side cover, you simply loosen the six screws that you will find under the cover, but don’t completely take them out. Then, slide the shield over toward the left until the screws fit into some tiny holes on the cover. Once they do, you will be able to pull the shield out.

These are the normal basic installation items that you will deal with on your Dell S2500 printer. Once you know how to do these simple things, clearing paper jams, installing memory cards, and much more become so much easier.

You will find that keeping your printer in top operating condition seems to guarantee long use and good productivity.  The Dell S2500 toner will consistently enable you to provide professional prints on all types of media.  Dell toner replacement is simple and easy when you use your computer.  Qtoner, an online supplier, has great prices and fast shipping right to your door!

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