Dell S2500 – Prints So Sharp You’ll Need A Bandaid

by garrett on March 8, 2009

The Dell S2500 laser printer is a good option for the networked workgroup. It prints clear, sharp documents at good 600dpi qualities and on most media paper stock. The included Dell S2500 toner cartridge will print up to 5000 pages, and is supported by Dell’s standard toner management system, which keeps an eye out for low toner levels and notifies its users of the problem. At prices well under 400 dollars, there isn’t much bad that can be said about this unit.

Printing Speeds.

With an output speed of up to 22 pages per minute (ppm), most small workgroups or the owner of a serious home-based business should find that speed more than enough for just about any application. It’s less than a minute from warm-up to page output, so there’s little downtime involved in waiting around for the print job to be wrapped up.

Ease of Installation.

The Dell S2500, like most Dell printers, is pretty simple to install into a network or to just a single computer. With industry standard USB 2.0, Ethernet and parallel printer ports, it’s pretty easy to integrate this laser printer into an existing or new network.

Printing Capabilities.

The S2500 is rated at up to 50,000 pages per month of printing capability. Additionally, a Dell S2500 laser toner cartridge exists that can provide up to 10,000 pages of printing per cartridge. The included toner cartridge is able to provide 5,000 pages before needing replacement.


The Dell S2500 works well with a variety of computer operating systems, including Windows-based programs such as XP and 2000, plus NT4.0 and Novell platforms.

Paper Capacity.

The printers come standard with a 250 sheet paper tray. Optional paper trays can be configured to provide up to 750 sheets, in total.


Standard memory on the Dell S2500 comes in at 32 megabytes, with an expansion ability that ranges up to 288 megs. This makes the printer more than acceptable for most any size print job that a small networked workgroup might have. It also processes at 200MHz, which makes it pretty quick.


Dell S2500 laser toner cartridges are widely available, and at a good price, which helps to keep cost-per-page concerns to a minimum. The 10,000 page units may make the best sense for groups that do a lot more printing than usual.

The DellS2500 laser printer is a good-looking printer that’s well-supported by Dell’s standard 24/7 warranty. Additionally, that warranty is extendable for another 4 years for a small fee. On-site service is good for the first year at no charge. It also has web-based management software abilities, making it easy for the IT person to quickly integrate the printer into a new or existing workgroup network. It comes with the ability to handle large print jobs and will work well at up to 50,000 pages per month of output production. When everything’s taken into consideration (including that attractive price and the S2500 laser toner), there’s not much to dislike about this laser printer. For more information, you should check out our website,

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