Discover The Exceptional Culture And Beautiful Vistas Of Italy

by erin on June 11, 2010

Good food and good wine always go together but never so well as in the country of Italy. People from all over the United States are visiting their USA passport bureau, getting their passport, and heading off to make unforgettable memories in this historic, cultural and beautiful place. Some visitors seek rest along the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea shoreline while others desire to enhance their cultural enlightenment by visiting the endless number of museums and historic architectural sites. Whatever attracts you, you will find it in Italy.

When you talk about Italy, you talk about wine. This country is known for the largest and best producers of wine in the world and you will find ‘made in Italy’ on the labels of some of the most well known wines you will every enjoy. Wine lovers from all over the world seek this destination with its wine tours and wine tastings at some of the world’s most famous vineyards being the irresistible attraction.

The shore of the Mediterranean Sea along the Italian coast is the chosen destination for those seeing enjoyment and relaxation along some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The coast is dotted with rocky coves, cliffs and a shore line that is nothing short of majestic. Beach cottages and accommodations entice the vacationer to enjoy the Italian city life while enjoying the Mediterranean sunset. While visiting coastline Italy, your only dilemma will be how to visit all the beautiful places you want to enjoy during the course of your stay.

You can’t talk about water and not be reminded of Venice, one of Italy’s most famous cities and the most sought after destination of many around the world. If you are traveling on a budget and who isn’t these days, you can enjoy a free, that’s right, I said free, visit to the famous St. Mark’s Basilica while visiting Venice. The art work, the architecture, the plaza and the famous pigeons will stir the romantic in all who visit as the St. Mark’s plaza has been the filming site of many movies where the guy always gets the girl (or vice versa). It’s so easy to get your US passport applications online, you will be falling in love with Venice before you know it.

Another very popular city in the country of Italy is Rome, with its historic architecture including the Coliseum, the Pantheon where the famous artist Raphael and his lover are entombed, and the Trevi Fountain where you can toss a coin, make a wish, and watch your dream come true. The Vatican being within the perimeters of this famous city with Saint Paul’s Cathedral make it the coveted destination of many.

When you travel to Italy, you can enjoy culture, relaxation and beauty beyond compare. Those who are recently married, have children, or want to celebrate good times with good friends find the possibilities to be endless within the Italian boarders. To prepare for your adventure, visit your passport bureau or fill out your U.S. passport application online. That’s the easy part. The hard part will be trying to plan only a short stay in the fabulous country of Italy.

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