Do You Have To Go To A Christian College To Stay Christian?

by Bridget on September 20, 2012

Many parents wonder how to help their kids keep their Christianity in college. Some consider sending their children to primarily Christian schools while others hope that they have instilled a fervent belief in Christianity within their child so they do not stray from the path. Whatever the case may be it’s important to those entering college to know more about Christian apologetics. This will help them keep the faith while earning an education.

Outside Influences

Parenting is a fine line between protection and teaching, it’s important to protect your children from what you may feel is dangerous for them, yet at the same time they need to learn. Protecting your child from an insignificant fall is part of parental instinct but it also won’t help them learn that the way in which they were walking was incorrect. This strategy also goes for belief systems. There is a fine line between educating your child about beliefs you think they should hold and letting them find their own. Shielding them from other beliefs will do no one any good. They must be able to make the choice themselves.

Religion Courses In College

As any professor of a religious studies course will state, nothing a student learns in a course should steer them from their faith. If this was the case then they were obviously not that firm in their beliefs anyway. Religious studies courses do not tell students what to believe, they educate students on the historic and cultural backgrounds of religious texts as well as religious traditions that came about.

Evolution and the Christian Science Student

Parents may worry about their Christian child being exposed to the theory of evolution in science courses. Unfortunately as a theory of science it is taught as a science fundamental. How in depth the student goes is up to them, but just as all religions and beliefs are taught so are all scientific theories widely accepted by communities. Again, this should not steer a student from their religious convictions. Education is a broadening of horizons learning new view and theories.

Real World

Parents should know that it does no good to shelter their children from the world. Eventually every child becomes curious of things unknown. If they feel as though they’ve been sheltered and lied to then they may in fact rebel. So, should you send your child to a Christian College? The reason should not be because you think they will keep the faith there. The reason your child should attend any college should be because it’s a great college and offers a lot in the realm of education and opportunities for your child. Even if they do attend a Christian college you cannot protect them from the real world experiences that they will inevitably encounter.

So, when it comes to questioning whether your child can maintain their Christianity in College, a lot of factors come into play. However it’s important to let your child make their own choices and a lesson in Christian apologetics wouldn’t hurt either, as this will give them the backbone that they will need if they at any point feel the need to defend their religious choices.

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