Doha – A Rapidly Growing City And Vacation Spot

by erin on June 20, 2011

Qatar is a country that sticks out into the Persian Gulf. It’s capital and largest city with a population of almost a million people is Doha, a culturally colorful metropolitan area quickly rising the ranks as one of the best spots to stop on vacation. If you are looking to vacation in a big city that offers something a little different, look into visiting Doha. Before you do, fill out a passport application to get your USA passport.

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Gorgeous Views

Be sure to swing by the Corniche during your stay in Doha. The Corniche is a walkway that runs along the edge of the Gulf, as well as offering gorgeous views of the city. It’s a perfect spot for those looking to take a stroll and break away from the city for a while.

Traditional Markets

While you’re in Doha, be sure to visit the souqs, traditional markets where you can find all sorts of goods and souvenirs. One of the most loved souqs is Souq Waqif, where you can browse a huge selection of handmade goods, such as clothing and shawls, as well as food and spices, and even falcons. Visiting these souqs gives visitors a genuine glimpse into what traditional life in Doha is like. If you are looking for more souqs to visit, swing by Omani Souq to see the woven blankets and smell the incense, and Gold Souq for gold and jewelry.

Islamis Museum

One thing that Doha definitely isn’t short on is museums, and each has enough to keep you looking or a while. The Islamic Museum of Art is impressive even from a distance. It’s architecture combines traditional styles to match the important art from Muslim dynasties spanning Europe, Asia, and Africa. That being said, it’s as beautiful outside as it is inside. Another important historical museum is the Al Khor Museum, where visitors can experience artifacts from the area that date back to the Neolithic period. There is also the impressive Weaponry Museum. This museum houses a variety of weapons, some that date back to the 16th century, and some that were held by influential historical people.

Desert Exploring

Trips to the desert outside of Doha are popular, as the surrounding desert is worth exploring as well. Desert safaris are popular, and there are many companies that can take you out. Camping trips in the desert are popular as well, as are excursions to historical sites. The Singing Sand Dunes are a must-see. The conditions have to be just right, and if they are, you will hear a low, surreal “hum” caused by the wind and sand.

Traditional City

What makes Doha so unique is the traditional big city experience mixed with the unique cultural atmosphere. Doha is quickly blooming into a popular spot for vacation on the Gulf, and this growth promises a wealth of fun attractions and sights to see. Before you leave, be sure to get your USA passport. Any other passport service – such as one to renew US passport – are also available so you can be ready and on your way in no time.

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