What To Do & Drink In The City Of Dublin

by erin on October 27, 2010

Ireland definitely is not your typical, run-of-the-mill vacation destination. There are two faces to Dublin, Ireland. Over a third of its population is aged 25 and under, and this means the nightlife is alive and well. However, these aren’t your typical Rio or Cancun parties. Instead, parties are more of a cultural thing, taking place in old pubs and in the hundreds of music venues around town. The nightlife is famous here, but the landscapes are as well. Make sure you have a U S passport if you plan on traveling here.

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Ireland has an incredibly long history, and Dublin is a very historical city. One of the best ways to experience Dublin’s history is by visiting museums. The National Gallery, the National Library, and the National Museum are very close in proximity, and they don’t cost anything to see. Castles are something you don’t want to miss while in Dublin either.

Set aside some time to just walk around the city. Walking gives you a perspective of the city that quick traveling cannot. Strolling along the cobblestone avenues, grabbing a little lunch at a small cafe, and seeing for yourself the grand, characteristic architecture of Dublin is an experience that just cannot be copied. Pick a couple attractions you’d really like to see and walk to each one instead public transit. Getting there might even be more interesting than the destination itself.

If you like beer, you’re going to love Dublin, as beer is a large part of the culture. The Jameson Distillery is a great place to sample some free whiskey, and the Guinness Storehouse is a must for beer lovers. At the storehouse, you can take a self-guided tour and learn a little about the history of Ireland’s famous beer. Once your tour is over, you can head to the seventh floor Gravity Bar for a pint on the house. This floor also has a spectacular view of the city.

The beer culture of Dublin, as previously stated, is definitely worth note. If you’re looking for a big mug of Guinness, head to Kehoe’s. This particular pub is almost a step back in time. The old wood walls and floors surround groups of people sitting around and drinking beer, laughing and talking about anything and everything. The oldest microbrewery pub is The Porterhouse. They made their own beers and stouts here, and if you’re feeling a little adventurous, give the Oyster Stout a taste. This stout is made with oysters, and is supposedly very good. The Brazen Head pub is said to be the oldest in Ireland – 1000 years old.

If you like to eat, then Dublin can feed you. Bobo’s is a restaurant famous for their juicy, delicious hamburgers, and you can find the best Italian food in town at Dunne & Crescenzi. Aqua is the place to go for seafood, a staple of Irish cuisine. Speaking of Irish cuisine, Gallagher’s Boxty House is the place to go for a menu of authentic Irish dishes. Chapter One is the gourmet stop in town, and The Bald Barista is a place to visit during the day for a snack, lunch, or coffee in a trendy atmosphere.

Dublin is full of life and full of things to see and experience. Just be sure you have your passport if you’re planning to go. Services for urgent pasport renewal can be accessed online should you need your passport in a hurry.

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