Easy Site Builder: Manage Text, Images And Links

by on June 19, 2008

Some of the products that promise easy site building will deliver on that promise, others will not. Even if you pick one that makes it simple to create web pages, that doesn’t mean that your end product website will be a quality site. If you are creating a site with the intention of making money, then you must have a professional, polished look to your site.

Precisely what do you really need? It’s pretty clear that what you want is a user friendly site design program. If you aren’t conversant with the coding required for building from scratch, you should get software that handles the technology on your behalf. Eventually, you might decide you’d like to learn some HTML, but that’s fairly simple since you don’t need to study it in depth in order to use it.

It’s best to write your own content of course. Free online programs are available to check your spelling and to some degree your grammar. You’re still going to need a text editor of your own. Most PCs and Macs come with one so that’s usually not a problem. At some point you’re going to want to incorporate images into your site so you’ll need a site building tool that does this for you.

In order to edit and modify images, you need to use some specialized software. Changing image size and cutting parts of the image are the two most frequent editing actions that you will do. You can find many available editors online. However, it will be so much better if the building tool you use to create your site supports image editing.

As you build your website, the amount of text, images, and even links, that you need to keep track of will increase. So, it would be extremely beneficial to have a site building tool that will do this for you. An easy site builder can serve as such a tool by allowing you to easily categorize and organize all of this information, so that you can access it whenever you need to. All you’ll need to do is name your text files, images and web pages. (Make sure that the easy site builder has file management and bookkeeping capabilities are built in.)

Everyone will need to take advantage of the offered support at some point. The tool you choose should have 1. Sufficient “how to” documentation, 2. A help desk to answer whatever questions you will undoubtedly have, and 3. A forum for other users. The latter may seem like an added bonus, but has proven many times to be a valuable source for when you need help or when you are looking for ideas. you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the wonderful solutions and ideas that other people figure out.

Look for a tool that will be able to keep track of page by page traffic, which is highly important if you are creating a business website since you will need to know what is and isn’t working on your site. It is also quite important to have a navigation system that will allow users to move about the site quickly and easily.

Despite all that an easy site builder can do for you, there is still a lot you can take credit for and feel a sense of accomplishment with when the site is complete. Even though you may prefer to store parts or even all of your site on your own computer finding a place that can host your site in a secure and remote server is probably the best.

– Tem Balanco

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