Emotions That Influence Addiction

by AdamS on August 24, 2012

When people are not equipped with the tools that they need to cope with emotionally disturbing situations, it is not a surprise when they try to manage with substance abuse. Drugs and alcohol are often used by people that have gone through one, or multiple traumatically impactful circumstances. Prescription drugs like xanax are often abused by those struggling with emotional disorders. Because of the clear link between emotionally traumatized people and addiction, it is becoming more necessary to treat trauma in dual diagnosis as a co-occurring condition. Go to https://www.thewatershed.com/resource/xanax-addiction/ for more information.

About Trauma

Emotional trauma can be described as harm that has been done to an individual that cannot be removed by their own means. It can be cultivated in multiple ways such as a near-death experience, bullying, major life changes, or witnessing something horrific like a death. Family life can also be something that severely impacts people and lead them to coping through substance abuse. These experiences might include living with addicted parents that teach them to use drugs and alcohol to hide their feelings, or they might be victims of child abuse or molestation. All of these things can create anxiety disorders and depression that if untreated could evolve into something more serious like addiction.

Children Are Taught Poor Coping Habits

Some of the most disturbing cases of trauma occur in childhood. Much of the time, grown adults do not even realize that they are victims of trauma until they have been taught about it while going through addiction treatment. People are not wired to navigate these types of experiences on their own, so children look to their family as a reference of how to deal with things. Unfortunately, many adults do not know how to respond to potentially traumatic situations, let alone teach their children. Consequently, children will develop bad habits early; instead of resolving the issue, they might self-medicate to numb themselves from any negative feelings that tie them to the traumatic event.

Dual Diagnosis For Addicted Trauma Survivors

As previously mentioned, many people do not realize that they are trauma survivors until they are forced into treatment because their coping mechanism of substance abuse has become out of control. When the individual enters a addiction treatment center, doctors will often create a plan that helps them deal with their trauma as well as their addiction. If the trauma is not addressed, then there is a much higher risk of relapse, or simply developing another unhealthy coping mechanism.

It would be ideal of everyone taught their children how to deal with traumatic experiences in a healthy manner, but unfortunately that is not always the case. If you feel like trauma might be the cause of your addiction, then there are people that can help. There are many professional medical rehab centers that have dual diagnosis programs for co-occurring conditions. Skilled professionals can help you to uncover the root causes behind your addiction and help you to heal from the damage that has been done because of addiction and trauma. Rehabilitation centers like the one found at https://www.thewatershed.com/resource/florida-xanax-rehab/ have services that can help address these problems.

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