Facts About The Dell 1235 Printer

by erin on June 21, 2011

Color laser printers are very popular devices used in offices everywhere but the Dell 1235 printer is one of the most popular multifunctional printers made by this company. Consumers are able to purchase these devices both via the Internet and company website, or by visiting local office supply stores. At four hundred and fourteen millimeters by three hundred and seventy three millimeters this device apace fit just about anywhere and can easily be relocated if need be.

Printer Abilities

This printer is known for its ability to print, scan, fax, and copy up to twenty thousand pages per month with no problem. Medium sized offices normally do this much paper work if not more. Twenty thousand pages a month is very economically friendly and cost effective for businesses as well.

Cartridge Colors

Cyan, yellow, black, and magenta are the colors of toner that these devices must be equipped with in order to function properly. For the brightest and best results, these cartridges can be purchased at millions of office supply chains as well as via the Internet or this company’s website. This machine helps users save money by reducing the amount of ink used as the cartridges get low until they are replaced. This helps in eliminating ink waste and saves money.

Print Speed

This machine is capable of printing sixteen black and white or monotone pages per minute and four color pages per minute. Color print jobs always come out clear and bright without smudges and monotone printouts never bleed through or run. Each print job is completed efficiently using economically friendly products that are reportedly affordable.

8 Mega Bites

These printers can easily store up to one hundred and twenty eight mega bytes of data, which helps users store much needed and very important information and images at the touch of a button. Using the network USB, information can easily be stored and sent from these devices. Options like these make completing jobs a breeze by never having to search for contact information before faxing.

Input Tray

The input tray on these machines can store up to one hundred and fifty pages at a time and be accounted for internally. Users are alerted as soon as the paper tray gets too low and needs to be filled. This technology helps eliminate the risk of papers jamming during jobs and controls paper usage.

Scan Images

It is said to be easier to scan images using this machine than with other machines like it simply because of its direct USB options and other capabilities. Users can simply email images or documents to the internal memory of these devices and the machine will then scan it, save it, and store it. All images can remain on the existing internal memory or can quickly be deleted.

Unique Features

Loaded with unique features that every office desires, the Dell 1235 printer makes every job easier. One of Dell’s finest, offices in many different locations have purchased and are using these devices to get the job done quickly and efficiently with toner cartridge. Economically friendly, they are available to purchase at millions of office supply retailers as well as online for a variety of prices.

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