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by erin on June 14, 2011

Buying a replacement printer can be a surprisingly complicated affair simply because it sometimes seems like there is too much variety to choose from. It can actually be quite daunting for the novice to work through the many options online and try and find out what features they really need and which ones are pointless accessories. An overview of the Brother HL-8070 printer hopefully provides some assistance in gaining a clearer understanding of what is available.

Model Range

It is of utmost importance to consider what you will actually be using your printer for. Buying an expensive top of the range model is not of much use if you only want to print the occasional letter. However, it may be the case that you tend to print reams of typed work and so things like speed and cost may be your primary factor. Or perhaps price does not bother you as long as the resulting product is first class. Other priorities may be size of the paper tray or electricity usage.

Energy Efficient

This model is classed as environmentally friendly as it has industry level endorsement as being energy efficient. This aids the consumer in two ways, first by relieving any concerns about wasting energy from a green awareness standpoint which is something a lot of people worry about when buying new items and secondly, because it costs less to run, which everyone worries about.

Saving Features

This model offers some other money saving features. For instance, it can print on either face of the paper. Programming this in makes printing quicker, easier and more cost effective.

Print Quality

One that stands out is its ability to change print quality according to the users requirements. If the user is happy to lower the quality level according to the print jobs requirements for instance when they are simply printing text then this ensures that their toner supply goes further than with standard usage. Of course, if quality is needed, this model is able to provide high definition printing.

Print Speed

For those users who need to print their documents quickly, this printer’s average speed of twenty eight sides per sixty seconds should be more than enough although more dense images would take a greater time to complete. You could also use this to scan and print and if there are concerns about paper tray size, this model is able to hold between two and three hundred pieces of paper.

Enhanced Extras

It is expected that any printer would come with the power cabling, manuals and software and this one does. Other models may offer enhanced extras, which might be of more interest. The main extra is that there is sufficient free toner for printing about 2k sides of paper.

Printer Purchase

Clearly, there are many things to give thought to when deciding which new printer to purchase witha toner cartridge. Taking the time to work out what your actual needs are helps with that process. The Brother HL-8070 printer has sufficient elements to satisfy most users but taking the time to consider them is certainly worth the effort.

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