Find Out How To Make A Passport Name Change

by erin on July 10, 2011

Anyone who has ever booked a flight understands the importance of having all their travel documentation match up with their ID card. A name can due to marriage or a divorce and will require an adjustment on personal identification and passport. A passport name change can be accomplished in person, online, or by mail.

Request Modification

If requesting the modification through the mail, you must be in possession of your passport and it cannot have been issued before you turned sixteen. Additionally, the document cannot have been issued over fifteen years ago. To support the request, you will need to provide some legal documentation. Determine where you will send the application and supportive documentation.

Correct Application

To make the adjustment to travel documents, the correct application needs to be filled out. Check to see which application is appropriate for your situation. To request the modification you will have to provide the current travel document. If the passport is more than three months old, you must supply a new photo.

Document Form

There is a particular form for a document that is under a year old and a different one for the document that is older than one year. Make sure that the correct form is used by checking with he state department. Also, if the modification is for a travel document that is under one year old, there is no charge. To support the request for a name adjustment, there are certain legal documents that are needed. The documents include divorce papers, marriage license, or court orders.

Passport Agency

Those individuals who are not able to make the modification through the mail will need to request it in person. The adjustment can take place at any post office or passport acceptance facility. As with the request by mail, legal documentation such as court orders,divorce papers, or a marriage certificate will be used as supportive documentation of the name modification.

Required Documents

It is also necessary to bring an expired travel document or current driver license as identification. Along with those items, a birth certificate, naturalization papers, or citizenship papers will be used as your proof of citizenship. A new photo must be provided and the fees are paid by check or a money order. The completed application will have to be signed when an agent instructs you to.

Online Support

The Internet is another convenient way to make adjustments to travel documents with online agencies that are approved by the government. Using the online service, modifications are made quickly and travel documents are in your hand within a day. The Internet provides expert third party agencies that assist with making the adjustments.

Airport Security

An increase is the security of airports has made it important to make certain that our identification is consistent with the information used when booking travel and our passport. When a name is changed because of divorce or marriage, or any other reason, there are steps that need to be taken to make the modification legal. A passport name change should be completed as soon as time will allow to prevent any trouble when you travel.

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