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by adam on March 30, 2010

Normally, passports are used at checkpoints when an individual is traveling internationally. When it comes to passports, there are two kinds for which a person can apply. One is the passport booklet. The other is the passport card. It does not matter which one an individual is applying for, as far as filling out a passport application goes. Both forms of passports require an individual to fill out the proper paperwork.

With the passport card, an individual will not be allowed to fly to his or her destination. This is just a rule the government has made. The booklet, however, will work for all international travel, which is why it is more expensive. The booklet will work as its own wallet, while the card will conveniently fit into any wallet, since it is similar to a driver’s license.

The application process will not be a difficult process. Most people will need to print out Form DS-11 or fill it out digitally. After performing this task, an individual filling out this form will need to make an appearance in a government facility that can complete the application process.

A local post office will most likely be able to fulfill the needs of the application process. However, some post offices may not, so for a complete list of the acceptable government facilities, an individual should venture online and use his or her browser of choice to search. After the building has been found, an individual should collect all of the necessary documents into one place.

Once the proper application has been completed, an individual will need to present a form of proof of U.S. citizenship, a form of primary identification or a combination of acceptable secondary identification, a copied version of the identification, and two copies of the same photograph. As with most things in this society too, an individual will need to pay a fee. For the specific guideline on all of these, go online or call a local government office.

The individuals who meet certain criteria will not have to make an appearance at a governmentally mandated facility and they will not have to fill out Form DS-11. Instead, they will fill out Form DS-82. The individuals filling out this form can only be individuals looking to renew an already existing passport. Those that meet the guidelines posted online have the option to mail in the application.

Whether an individual is filling out Form DS-82 or DS-11, he or she will not have a hard time with it. They are rather simple documents that ask such questions relating to the date of birth and social security number.. There are a few questions dealing with family history, so it would be wise to be near a phone in case a family member needs to be called.

A passport is a very useful document of identification that every U.S. citizen should possess. The fees for such a document are not very expensive, but some people’s budgets may not allow such a purchase if the documentation is not necessary. Regardless, filling out an application will not be a difficult task and such forms can be found online. You’ll have your American passport in no time.

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