Former ANTM Finalists’ Meth Intervention on Dr. Phil

by AdamS on September 8, 2012

America’s Next Top Model has elevated the careers of many of its contestants and brought many of them from obscurity into the mainstream media.  One contestants life has not improved from her stint on the show however.  Jael Strauss from the eighth cycle of the show which aired in 2007, has becoming completely addicted to crystal meth since leaving the show.  Jael was 22 when she first competed on the show and now at age 28 has what she describes is a “full blown meth addiction”.  This month, CBS is airing an episode of the Dr. Phil show in which Jael is talked to by Dr. Phil and other intervention services specialists.  Dr. Phil sits down with Jael and her family and tries to convince the former model to get crystal meth addiction treatment at a professional rehab facility.

Jael’s Looks: Then and Now

In 2007 when Jael Strauss first appeared on ANTM she was a beautiful young woman and hopeful supermodel.  She had an amazingly symmetrical face with stunning structure and looked very healthy.  Six years later, she now has blisters, blemishes and sores are all over her body.  Her teeth are also rotting due to the crystal meth abuse she has put herself through over the years.  She is almost impossible to recognize now when compared to how she looked in 2007.  The last few years of crystal meth addiction have seemingly aged her face and body more than thirty years.

Intervention With Dr. Phil and Family Members

During the episode of the Dr. Phil show, which is scheduled to air on September 13th, Jael’s family and Dr Phil sit down with her and explain to her that she needs to get help for her crystal meth addiction before she dies. Jael’s family has been trying to help her for years and she has refused to seek treatment for her addiction.  Dr. Phil and Jael’s family use the appearance on the show as an intervention for her and try to get her to take her addiction seriously and seek help.  From the previews of the show, Jael can be seen still resisting the help as she leaves the studio and Dr. Phil chases her down in the Paramount parking lot.

It was not the first look at Jael Stauss’ tumultuous drug life.  During the 3rd episode of the season in which she competed, she received a phone call that one of her best friends from back home had died of a drug overdose.  It was hard to see then but is clear now that she also was struggling with her own addiction.  The next step for Jael is to allow the professionals conducting her intervention services to recommend her to a rehab facility where she can receive help she desperately needs.  By getting involved in a crystal meth treatment program, Jael will be taking the first steps toward recovery and giving her family a reason to feel relieved.  Hopefully she will seek the treatment she needs. Go to  for more info on intervention services.

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