Frat Bro Denies Butt Chugging Wine

by AdamS on October 7, 2012

In late September, an unusual story came out of the University of Tennessee involving an incident that took place at one of their fraternity houses.  In the early morning hours of September 22, a University of Tennessee student named Alexander Broughton was dropped off at the campus medical center with a blood alcohol level well over .40, which is a potentially deadly level of alcohol poisoning, as well as an injury to his rectum.  Police went out to investigate what exactly happened to this student that caused him to need medical care and alcohol detox. During the investigation the police reported that some of the other frat brothers admitted that the student in the hospital had been “butt chugging” wine and that’s what caused his intoxication and rectal injury.

National Attention

Due to the unusual information in the police report, this story generated a lot of media attention and has now been covered by news outlets all over the nation.  Most of the attention centered around the notion that Broughton had been “butt chugging”.  Butt chugging apparently is the act of placing a rubber hose inside of a person’s rectum and then pouring alcohol into their anus.  This practice is extremely dangerous because the alcohol goes directly into the blood without being filtered by the liver first.  Broughton had a blood alcohol level of .45 and was listed in critical condition by the medical center treating him for alcohol poisoning.  The nurses at the medical center had never encountered a situation where a person had imbibed alcohol through their rectum before.

Broughton Says Police Were Lying

A couple of weeks after the report surfaced about this incident and the story gained national media attention, Broughton held a press conference.  The very embarrassed student claimed that the police had fabricated the idea that he was butt chugging.  He claims that he had been drinking excessively by participating in a “Tour de Franzia” which is another dangerous drinking game involving wine.  Broughton is now seeking to sue the UT Police Department for the deformation of his character.  It’s pretty hard to believe that a police officer would have made up such an outrageous story about a student he had never met.  Broughton is a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and his actions, along with those of his frat brothers have caused the school to suspend the fraternity indefinitely, pending investigation.

What actually happened that night that caused Broughton to be taken to the hospital for medical care with a blood alcohol level of .45 remains to be determined, but it looks like there might be a civil case to determine the details.  Broughton admitted that what happened that night was extremely stupid and dangerous and was glad that he got the alcohol detox treatment he needed before he died.  Hopefully, butt-chugging will not start to catch on at other campuses around the country following this incident, because it is an extremely stupid and dangerous practice.

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