Get A Passport Without A Hassle

by erin on March 30, 2010

A passport is a necessary form of identification for any U.S. citizen looking to travel abroad. Individuals who decide that they now need to get a passport should not worry, as it will not be very difficult, though it will be a process. A quick search online will provide all the information necessary for individuals looking to acquire a passport.

Even those individuals who are not looking to travel abroad in the very near future might want to think about getting a passport. This documentation can be used for identification for a variety of institutions, including the DMV for those who need a driver’s license or those updating their driver’s license. In addition, one may never know when they might need to travel abroad, so being prepared is never a bad thing.

When an individual decides it is time for a passport, he or she will need to fill out Form DS-11. This form, as well as other documentation, must be submitted in person at a designated government facility. One of these government facilities is the post office, which falls under the Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs, Office of Passport Services and Customer Service.

As well as Form DS-11, an individual will need to submit evidence of his or her U.S. Citizenship. One such document would be the birth certificate, which can be attained from a government facility in the town in which the individual was born. Individuals planning to use their birth certificate should make sure that it is a copy of the complete birth certificate, as some shorter versions are not accepted for this specific purpose.

Present identification is also required for those looking to get a passport. When it comes to this, there are a number of different options. For instance, an individual may use a previously issued passport as long as it is undamaged, a valid driver’s license, or a current government or military ID. Those unable to submit any of these should look online for forms of secondary identification that are also acceptable.

The photographs are probably the most fun part of the entire process. Even those there are rules one must follow, individuals should allow themselves to have a little fun with this, since it will be a picture form of identification that will be used for quite some time. For the mandatory stipulations of this part, check online.

Unfortunately, as with most things in this society, there are fees that go along with the process. Those looking to get an adult passport book and card will need to pay $95 plus an additional $25 dollar execution fee. An adult passport book by itself will cost $75 plus the execution fee. An adult passport card by itself will cost $20 plus the execution fee. Adults renewing and using Form DS-82 will not have to pay an execution fee.

Everyone who can afford one should have a passport, if not for traveling abroad in the near future, then just for the sake of it. The entire process will not take that long, but it will require a decent amount of time, so it should not be a last minute decision. Check online for the easiest ways to get a passport.

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