Guide On Dell 1230C Printer

by erin on June 21, 2011

Looking for the perfect and ideal combination of speed and quality? Then you can find it in only one device, the Dell 1230C printer. It is a laser publishing device that comes with style. The device is small in size and is fashionably colorful. It is vibrant and with good speed, it can publish pages in sharp colors. You can use this device by connecting it with your PC and laptops and can watch how a normal white page gets converted into a colorful one.

Print Speed

The device has the capability of producing 4 color pages per minute and it can produce up to 16 monochromic pages. Considering a small office or for home use, the device is perfect for paper publishing work with an unbelievably small size of 15.3 X 12.3 inches. The technology that works behind this device is laser and it is designed to produce brilliant color pages every time. With the resolution of 2400 X 600 dpi, it produces documents with sharp looks.

Professional Documents

It can create professional documents and borderless color photos with a high resolution. The toner management system is the incorporated feature with this device with which we can get the indication about toner level with the help of an intelligent software program that is preinstalled in the device.


It provides very easy and quick installation to setup the device. It is very easy to connect the device to your PC or laptop via USB port. The device can also be upgraded when your need grows along with your business requirement. No need of reinvestment. You can take out more than 20000 pages a month with this device.

Speed Processing

The device gets its strength from a 375 MHz processor and with 32 MB RAM. There are some other benefits also that give you long term value. The device is intelligent and calculated the right required ratio of RGB colors, it publishes pages with great speed and hence saves time and money. Good experience and reliability is another quality of this product and it comes with a good company name. The toner of this device can produce excellent quality of pages with replacement after 1500 black and 1000 color pages.

Green Technology

The device uses green technology certified which helps us to protect the planet. It uses less energy and hence also saves money along with energy resources. The company guarantees quality of service and maintenance with the product. It comes with a 1-year limited hardware warranty and 1-year basic next business day advance exchange service.

You can also increase the guarantee up to five years if you choose to protect your printer for a longer period of time. There are many benefits with the toner. It is easy to replace. The new toner is just a click or a call away. You can also ask the company to recycle it if you no longer use the toner. The new toner comes with a guarantee to produce high quality output.

Reliable Product

The Dell 1230C printer is a reliable product with a capacity to deliver high quality publishing every time using toner cartridges. The company facilitates full technical assistance via phone or via web. This device is known for producing the best quality pages and is known for its beautiful style.

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