Helpful Facts About The American Passport

by garrett on January 26, 2012

A pass port is completely necessarily if you’re planning a trip outside of the country. The purpose of this trip won’t matter. You may be traveling for business internationally, going on an exotic getaway, or studying in a different country for a semester. Whatever the case may be, you’ll need the document to get into any other country. To think ahead by applying ahead of time is a smart idea.


There are so many reasons why having this document is beneficial. There are countless sites in the world that without one you will not be able to visit. This is especially the case in today’s world. In past years, you could still enter countries like Canada even without passports. In recent years, however, even this became impossible. Any type of travel abroad at all requires you carry one with you.

Easy To Obtain

Lucky for potential travelers, it isn’t too tough at all to get passports. In the majority of cases, you can put your application in locally. It’s a bit trickier if you’re traveling soon. If you’ve planned your date of travel for less than two weeks from now, you should schedule an appointment to go to a regional passport agency. And if you’re outside of the United States, it’s still possible to obtain one by getting in touch with the consulate or embassy.

Valuable Document

You may believe that it is not necessary to have one at all times. In fact, it is recommended that those who have family living or traveling abroad, are considering a vacation internationally, or have a job that could lead to international travel always maintain their passports and make sure theirs is valid. Already having a valid document will save you substantial time and money in the event of an unexpected business trip, a family emergency, or even in the event you come across a great airline deal.

Foreign Country Requirements

Beyond this, some countries require a document valid for at least another six months past the dates of travel plans. It is therefore recommended that you go about renewing yours approximately nine months prior to the expiration date. By doing this, you can avoid any unexpected problems by already being prepared.

Valid Period

If you were over 16 years old when it was issued, your document will be valid for ten years. If you were younger than 15 or 15, it is valid only 5 years. So, you won’t need to renew very often as long as you keep track.

Emergency Situations

If there is an emergency, there are still solutions available to you. If you do not have a valid document and a life or death emergency involving death or serious illness or injury occurs to someone in your immediate family in a country that requires a child pas port, you can appear in person at a passport agency for emergency service. You may have to provide documentation about the emergency.

So many possibilities will open for you if you have a valid American pasport. Any unexpected emergency situation will naturally be easier to get through. Even more, with American child pass port, you will have the chance to travel around the world with your kids.

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