How A Home Printer Should Be – The Dell M5200 Printer

by CaroleM on September 21, 2009

Dell-M5200nFor people who are looking for an ideal printer which is perfect for a home office scenario, i. e., cost-effective both in terms of initial procurement cost and the subsequent running cost, then the Dell M5200 printer is the right product for you. Coupling this printer with quality Dell M5200 Toner guarantees professional results in every endeavor.

This is one of those printers that has the capability of producing high quality prints at 600 dpi. Another advantage of the Dell M5200 printer is that it can take in multiple paper sizes and on average a single Dell M5200 toner can churn out approximately 5,000 prints.

The Dell M5200 has been specifically designed keeping in mind the
requirements of a home office, but it is equally successful in a multiple user
network environment. The Dell M5200 printer comes equipped with the unique Toner Manager System, which is a patent of Dell.

The system helps in the effective use and management of the Dell M5200
toner in printer, thus enhancing their life and making them much more cost effective.  This is uniquely Dell.

Pricing is again a plus point of the Dell M5200 printer. It is competitively priced at approximately $400, which considering its performance and output capabilities can be considered dirt cheap. People at this juncture would also like to know how the printer performs on other parameters. Well in terms of its speed of processing prints the Dell m5200 printer can put out prints at a speed of around 22 ppm.

This speed is ideal for a home office based scenario. There is one disadvantage that most of the home office based printers generally do have; they tend to take quite a lot of time in getting warmed up.  With the Dell M5200 printer it hardly takes seconds and is warmed up as soon as it receives a print command without any time lag.

Installing the Dell M5200 printer is quite user friendly and easy to do. It is so
easy that complete novices who do not have much knowledge about computers and printers can also install the printer onto their PC’s. The Dell M5200 printer provides its users an option of either using the USB or an Ethernet port for hooking it onto the computer system.

The company claims that the Dell M5200 printer has the capacity to give its users a maintenance and trouble-free run for close to 50,000 pages and on top of that there is also a cartridge available which can increase the life by another 10,000 pages. This surely makes the M5200 printer and Dell M5200 toner combo an ideal and trusted printer especially if one is working in a home office environment.

In addition to all of the above, the Dell M5200 printer comes with a 250-sheet tray (with additional trays increasing this to 750 sheets).  There is a built-in memory of 32 MB, upgradeable to 288 MB.

As one of the premier printers in its class, the Dell M5200 is a prime example of everything working right.  The Dell M5200 toner enables each print to carry a professionalism that so many others lack.  Qtoner, an online vendor, is available for quick replacement and great prices when the Dell toner needs changed.  Exceptional value and great performance combine in the Dell M5200.

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