How To Choose The Right Online Passport Application

by adam on April 5, 2010

An online passport application can be a confusing issue for some applicants. There are more than one and each pertains to a different passport type or individual’s needs. There are, however, websites and service providers that can assist an individual not only in selecting the correct one for their needs but also can aid them in the entire application process.

Whichever online passport application that is necessary will need to be printed out and completed before sending in. This goes for all the different types, as these are not allowed to be done and filed electronically like some forms. Therefore, access to a printer will be necessary to complete this step and continue in the application process.

More items will be needed to be gathered to accompany the online passport application when it is submitted. These are mainly forms of identification and are usually easy to obtain. A copy of a birth certificate and driver’s license are the standard two forms that are requested first by the issuing agency.

The birth certificate needs to be one that has a seal on it from the city, county or state of birth of the applicant. The issuing agency will not accept any other type including certified copies and this can easily be obtained from the local courthouse records division from where they were born. The driver’s license or a state issued ID card, if that is what the applicant has, must be no less than 6 months old or it will not be accepted on its own.

For those individuals that do not have a driver’s license or state issued ID card, there are secondary forms of ID that are acceptable. The criteria for these are that they must contain either a picture of the applicant or the applicant’s signature. These can be a simple school ID if the applicant is still attending to a copy of a utility bill or even a cancelled check, provided that it is from a currently held account that is over five years old.

These service providers will all have a complete list of these secondary forms on their websites and can answer any questions that an applicant may have as to which ones will be needed. The websites also contain all the necessary fee information for each type of passport service that they provide. These fees vary from website to website so a comparison should be made before choosing any one provider.

Once all the necessary paperwork has been gathered and sent in, it is just a matter of time before the new passport is returned to the applicant. The only other item that will be necessary will be everyone’s favorite thing, new photographs. Be sure to have these done by a professional that understands the criteria that the government uses regarding passport photos.

By choosing to go with an online passport application, one can streamline the entire process and make their life much easier. The service providers assign an agent to work directly with each applicant in order to answer any questions and help to eliminate any issues during the entire application process. This is simply a better way to go all around for anyone who needs a passport for vacation or business purposes.

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