How To Improve Search Engine Ranking Easily

by on April 19, 2008

Improving your website’s search engine rankings will increase traffic to your site. As is widely known, the first things you should do to improve search engine ranking are optimize your web pages, get quality back links and put great original content on your website. No matter how competitive your niche is, you should pay attention to these elements.

But just which things should you pay the most attention to?

The most important thing on your page is the keywords you are targeting. Since you’re attempting to get this page ranked, your first step should be to pick out a few relevant words or phrases as keywords. In order to find a phrases that is targeted and has minimal competition, researching your keywords is very important. The keywords you use are vital to the ranking of each page, so choose them carefully.

It’s important when you have your keyword phrase ready, two things should be considered; off page and on page factors. On page factors are the things you put on the page. This includes the tags in the header, the title and the content itself. When your rankings get better and more people visit your site, better content improves the chances that they will buy something or perform the appropriate action.

To improve search engine ranking of any page, you need to use your keyword phrase multiple times: in the title, in the description and keyword meta tags, as well as in the beginning, middle and end of the content. Having the phrase about 3 times will be best – don’t overuse it. Also, you want to use the keyword in your filename.

The off page factors mean more in the end than on the page factors. This means the links that point back to your page. Links to your page should include the keyword phrase in the anchor text as often as possible. Try to vary your anchor text, by using paraphrases of the keyword(s) for an unstilted effect. Links that are highly relevant and come from quality sites are best, but you should not overlook links to more general content.

If you’d like to draw more traffic to your web page, and improve search engine ranking, then getting more links is the way to go. The inbound links are what will get your site in front of visitors and the content on your page is what will keep them coming back. If all else is equal, you simply getting more links than your competitors will put you ahead of them in the SE’s.

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– Lee Dobbins

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