How To Protect Your Child From Addiction

by AdamS on August 25, 2012

It is not uncommon for parents to blame themselves when their child develops a devastating addiction. Questions as to what they could have done differently and at what point they went wrong haunt the consciences of well-meaning parents. While it is important to know that parents are not at fault for the addiction of their children, it might be helpful to know how to prevent it. Developing tools to guard your child will greatly influence them in how they deal with a multitude of life’s problems. If your child is suffering from an addiction and you want to find help from a quality Florida rehab, then go to for more information.

Teach Your Child How To Cope

Lack of coping skills is one of the primary reasons why individuals turn to drugs or alcohol in the first place. It is crucial for people to learn how to deal with emotionally stressful situations in a healthy way, and at an early age. These skills can be as simple as learning how to take care of themselves from a hygiene and healthy diet perspective, or talking with people about their problems. Teach them how to have healthy outlets for high stress circumstances like exercising. Helping them get involved with a hobby like sports or music can also serve as an outlet that they can use as a good distraction.

Teach Your Child How To Interact

Social skills are an extremely valuable addiction preventative. If your child grows up understanding how to seek support from others in their life when they need it then they will be much less likely to turn to drugs or alcohol to fill that void. Have a dialogue with them about sharing feelings, goals, and empathy. Monitor their interactions with friends at an early age by encouraging active listening, taking turns and sharing. The best way to teach your child about interactions is by modeling it in your own life. Be mindful about how you respond to emotionally stressful situations with others in front of your children because they are likely to pick up most of their tips from you.

Teach Your Child Life Skills

Life skills might seem very basic, but they play a pivotal role in preventing destructive habits like addiction. Teaching them healthy organization skills, finance management and cultivating a daily routine will help to create a balanced life-style. Critical thinking is another practical life skill that will help them think for themselves in situations where they might be pressured to use drugs or alcohol. Teach them this by encouraging them to solve problems with multiple potential outcomes on their own, and afterwards reflect on their decision by talking about their decision in a positive way.

It is exceedingly important for parents to teach their children about how to deal with life’s ups and downs. While they will learn a great deal of these skills at school and by interacting with peers, it is crucial for parents to have a hands-on approach in giving them the tools they need to avoid using substances. The best thing that you can do is master these skills in your own life and model them for your children. If you are, or have gone through a rehab program, it is important to take part in the family outreach programs that are often available. Go to for more information.

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