How To Replace A Lost Passport

by erin on April 27, 2010

Many times a person has started to get things together for a trip to another country and finds they have a lost passport. This is a terrible situation. The tickets have been purchased, the reservations made and it will be impossible to get into the other country without a passport.

Hopefully, this has not been discovered when one is on the way to the airport. If the trip is a few days off it is possible to get a quick passport. The government offers Emergency Passport Services for just such urgent situations. They offer a fast service by which one can obtain a new passport within twenty-four hours. There are different prices and, of course, it is much more expensive for a quick passport than a regular one. The price is $299 for delivery within twenty-four business hours. The service is available twenty-four hours a day.

A person needs to go on the Internet and follow the instructions. After filling out the form, they need to contact a passport specialist, by phone, who will guide them on the next steps to take. A person is able to indicate how quickly they need to have the passport in hand and a fast service will see that they have it by that date.

On the form for a lost passport, the person must show proof of US Citizenship indicated by a birth certificate and proof of identity. They must also indicate the intended country to visit and why. The form asks for one’s social security number, as well as other information.

If a person is overseas and loses their passport or has it stolen they are advised to go the closest US Embassy or Consulate to receive assistance. At the Embassy they will need to fill out a form and provide proof of citizenship such as their driver’s license, social security card and any other form of identification. Once the passport is reported lost or stolen it is marked in the records as invalid and cannot be used even if found later.

In addition to the government passport office, there are several private passport expediting companies available on the Internet. They have a person fill out the same form the government has and then go through the steps required to obtain it. For people who have difficulty with the language, this might be the way to go.

One should always make a copy of their passport and keep it in a safe place while traveling, as well as making a copy to leave with a relative. Being able to show this at an Embassy or Consulate when one is in another country and has lost their original passport makes things go much quicker.

There are many reasons why U.S. passports can be lost when in another country. One should be very careful to not lay it down anywhere and one person should not carry all the passports if going as a group or family. A passport should never be carried in a purse or backpack as these are the most popular thing to be stolen. If carrying the passport it should be kept in a money belt or in a safe, inside pocket.

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