HP Q5949A Toner – Multifunctional So Your Office Is Never Behind

by garrett on July 30, 2009

Many companies advertise that their printers are “multifunction”, however, this definition seems to change with the wind.  It is a printer that networks?  One that faxes?  How about scans?  Hewlett Packard has answered that question definitively with the HP LaserJet 3390 printer.  This machine prints, faxes, scans and copies, putting clear, crisp prints every time with model HP Q5949A Toner.

Replacing that toner brings up the question of compatible toner.  This is available for most every printer and is almost always less money.  A lot less money.  Buying this type of toner will save you money, no matter how many boxes you need a year. A large business is going to save more than an individual who has a printer at home, but money is money.

Just as an example to compare costs we will look at the HP Q5949A toner. When you pull up this toner in a search you’re going to get tons of results. It’s going to be very easy to see just how much money you can save, too.

Some people think that a compatible toner isn’t as good as the OEM toner that you pay sometimes three times as much for. But as an office worker who’s used the compatible toners before, that’s not true. In fact, the toner we used saved us a lot of money and lasted as long as the more expensive option.

It’s after years of being told that whenever you buy a cheaper costing product you won’t get the same quality. Many people still believe this in every case of cheaper things. But with a compatible toner you will also see that your copies will look exactly the same.

In fact if you worked in an office and switched the toners out without telling people, no one would know. They wouldn’t come running and ask what happened to the printer, because their copies would look just like they always had.

Saving money is an option that everyone loves. If you want another way to save some cash, look into a compatible toner that will last just as long as OEM toner. If you want to test out the theory whether someone will notice the change, try it, and you will find out that they won’t.

Using remanufactured HP Q5949A toner in the HP LaserJet 3390 printer provides crisp and detailed looking prints generated with unbelievable power. An incredible investment for any small office, this Hewlett Packard printer provides specific details and print speeds that are uncontested and will awe employees and owners alike.

Granting a user-friendly interface, the HP LaserJet 3390 makes printing like a pro easy to manage and highly convenient. Regardless of toner knowledge or perception, the HP 3390 has a gentle learning curve and can suit the desires of any user. Just as easy and convenient as the machine’s functions is the use and changing of the HP Q5949A toner.

Surpassing your every perception, the HP LaserJet 3390 with model HP Cartridge is more than capable of handling the needs of any size project with the utmost efficiency. For prints that will strike awe and intrigue, the fine and sharp look that comes from adding a top-quality remanufactured HP toner is one that you really can’t pass up. Don’t accept out-of-date hardware for your small office, upgrade today and ensure that no more time is lost with blurry, inefficient printers and environmentally dangerous toners.

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