Improve Your Business Performance With A Brother MFC 7220 Printer

by erin on June 8, 2011

The Brother MFC 7220 printer will improve your home and small office business performance in many ways. Its capabilities of a high quality laser printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine make it a true workhorse. Everything your office requires is in one small package. It is extremely easy to use and great for everyday operating. You will be fully impressed with the advanced functionality of this all in one machine.

Compact Unit

This compact unit has multiple functions, four different machines all in one. It is great for use by one or two people but might not be ideal for an environment where many users will need to use it. It can connect to two separate computers making it suitable for a small home office. All other office equipment will become obsolete since this thing does it all. Unlike other numerous, bulky, single function, office machines, this takes up very little space. If you do not wish to connect it to a computer at all, you can still send and receive faxes and make copies.

Professional Prints

Using very little toner and still producing professional quality prints, it is fast and efficient. It is capable of printing and copying up to twenty pages a minute. This machine will save you money on toner and will increase your office productivity.

Installation Device

The installation software for this device is a breeze to operate. It will make you feel like a professional computer technician because you just click accordingly to the step-by-step instructions. The face of the unit has a simple, user-friendly liquid crystal display that makes entering commands simple. You are in total command of the machine, just choose which function you want it to perform and command it to do so.

Capable Unit

This unit is capable of holding up to sixteen megabytes worth of documents internally. That is equivalent to five hundred pages. You will be able to perform multiple printing and copying tasks at one time as well. Scanning and faxing will no longer be the worst portion of your day.

Multiple Usage

This machine is of very high quality and has multiple usages. It has a paper tray that holds two hundred and fifty sheets of paper. The tray can also be adjusted, allowing printing of envelopes and labels. Everything you produce will appear to be top of the line. Hand writing addresses on labels and envelopes appears unprofessional. Instead, your labels and envelopes will contain clear, bold, and typed content.

Specific Model

Toner cartridges for this specific model are available just about everywhere that toner cartridges are sold. Their cost is very affordable and much less expensive than other brands. They will rarely need replacing due to the fact that this machine uses very little toner. The printing quality remains extremely good from these long lasting cartridges.

Improve Business

Improve your small at home business with the Brother MFC 7220 printer and cartridge toner. Enjoy its space saving design and multiple functions. Have the time to perform other more important duties by the time this machine will save you. Make your office productivity increase while copying, scanning, faxing, and printing with ease.

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